Anyone else excited for the award show season? The best part is catching the looks on the red carpet! I’m all about the glamour, getting made-up and wearing fabulous dresses! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have my hair and makeup done and try on beautiful clothes so for me, I’d love my life to have many red carpet events!

Reality check…it’s not happening yet.  But, who’s to say you and I can’t utilize the tips and tricks that celebrities use for the red carpet to have our own little glamourfest at home? Who needs a special occasion? Everyday should be special! I chatted with Johnson‘s spokesperson and makeup artist, Tia Dantzler, on the phone and she gave me some fantastic tips for keeping your look fresh and lasting each and every day!  A few even use your baby’s favorite products!

  • Well groomed brows shape your face. Get your brows shaped by a professional and keep them looking great with maintenance!
  • When you wake up in the morning, rub an ice cube over your eyelids to reduce swelling. A cucumber slice or eye cream with caffeine will work too!
  • Right when you step out of the shower, apply Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil to your skin for a gorgeous red carpet sheen!

And, my favorite…

  • Apply Johnson’s Baby Powder with a mascara wand (you can pick up packs of disposable ones at Sally Beauty or on Amazon) to your lashes before you apply mascara! The powder gives the mascara something to adhere to and you get faux-like lashes every day!  I tried this tip:

Isn’t that brilliant? So easy and makes a noticeable difference of the thickness of your lashes!

Tia and I’d love for you to try some of her tips and make your every day look extra special! There is nothing stressful or time consuming mentioned! Just simple beauty tips to keep you looking great, using beauty (I mean, baby) products you already own and love!

About Tia:

Tia has an extensive celebrity client roster, ranging from Jennifer Hudson and Ashanti to Sherri Shepherd and President Barack Obama! She attended Columbia College and has a beauty blog called The Beauty Elixir! Follow her as she blogs about traveling the world working with her clients, chats about the latest beauty trends, tiatips, product reviews and much more!

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