Meet The Real Tooth Fairies

We are being reintroduced to the tooth fairy at our home. My six year old has proudly enjoyed her first loose tooth and very recently lost it!  What perfect timing for us to be introduced to!

I recently interviewed Marilyn Bollinger, the founder of The Real Tooth Fairies. She started this business when her own daughters started losing teeth and asking about the Tooth Fairy. The site offers fun games and interactions for girls. They get to meet their “real tooth fairy” and can even write letters to the fairy. When your daughter writes a letter, you will receive an email notification and you then go on the site yourself to create the letter (consists of filling in relevant information in a pre-written letter so you don’t have to be really creative- they do it for you!). The idea is super cute if you can keep up with replying to your chatty daughter’s pen pal needs!  Your daughter’s Real Tooth Fairy can even leave her a letter when she loses her first tooth.

There are many ways to use the site. I suggest you explore and purchase the “kindness kits” that include ribbons and charms, books, party supplies, t-shirts and so much more for your “earthie girls”. The site is safe to use, keep girls where they need to be and allowing parents in the Parent Only Zone with an account. Upgrade your membership to allow your girls more activities to play. The site is dripping with sweetness and full of encouragement to be kind and be yourself!

Montana approves of The Real Tooth Fairies:

For more information and a tour of Fairyland, visit

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  1. Ahhh your toothless smile is so sweet. 🙂