It’s time for another Keratin Treatment test! I drove to Santa Monica last week to meet up with my friend and keratin treatment specialist, Jordana Lorraine. We were going to test a keratin treatment that neither of us have used in the past. My hair hasn’t had a keratin treatment for at least 18 months and so it was clear of any other treatment influences. I was ready to tame the pouf and wave that resided in the back of my hair.

This is my hair with no product and totally air dried on my 2 hour drive to Santa Monica (gotta love that So Cal traffic!).

The product we tested is called Pure Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System. We used the Original formula.

Step 1: Cleanse with Anti-Residue Shampoo twice. The second wash is for 6 minutes! The Dr. Seuss-inspired contraption is the air filtration system that Jordana uses on all keratin treatments for reduced irritation though I did not feel any irritation with Pure Brazilain.  Hair is not combed out before product application.  Product is applied sparingly 1/2″ off the scalp, through ends.

A note about the hair not being combed out, I don’t particularly like this part of the process.  I feel like the hair would be even smoother if the hair was smooth when applying the product.  However, Jordana followed the manufacturer instructions and that is what they told her do.

Hair after it was blow-dried with fingers only (no brush, no tension). The product is still in my hair.

After Jordana flat-ironed several passes at 410 degrees in the back, 380 degrees on finer/more highlighted portions.  Product is still in my hair.

After my hair was rinsed thoroughly then treated with Pure Brazilian Deep Conditioning Masque. Jordana gave my back a light cut. My hair was rough dried. See how nicely it lays with just a rough dry? That is what I love BEST about keratin treatments!

For the final step, Jordana used a brush and dryer to give the style a finished look.

A day later I washed and styled my hair quickly.

Do I like Pure Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment? Yes I do! Here’s why:

  • I walked out of salon completely processed.  There is no down time with Pure Brazilian!
  • No more frizz!
  • My hair is soft and silky. My husband loved the feel of it!
  • My waves are gone but I can still style my hair into gorgeous waves if I so choose!
  • There was no eye irritation from the product.
  • My hair did not lay flat against my head for the first several days, which I noticed with my very first keratin treatment.
  • The brand offers a CLEAR formula that is safe for pregnant or nursing women.
  • The treatment takes about 90 minutes to complete and lasts up to 3 months!  Not a bad trade off!

I would recommend Pure Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System to anyone interested in having less frizz and more control over your hair!  Learn more about the product and see more results on

Hear what Jordana has to say about the product:

If you are in Southern California and are interested in having a consultation with Jordana about which keratin treatment is best for your hair, call her at 310-922-2645.  If you are not in Southern California, read The Most Comprehensive Guide To Formaldehyde-Free Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatment Alternatives that Jordana wrote for us in 2011. Be sure your stylist has proper ventilation in the salon (like our air filter friend above)!

Thanks to Jordana for another great keratin treatment experience!

Jordana Lorraine
Lorraine Colour Bar
Santa Monica, CA


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  1. Great review. That wild hair dryer is LOL. but the results look wonderful…and so easy when you’re used to fussing with the poof.

  2. Polarbelle, It is such a relief to have calm hair! 🙂 The “hair dryer” is actually an air filtration system that helps reduce the chemical fumes in the air around the client and stylist! It’s important to have great ventilation when using keratin treatments!

  3. Nancy Perkins

    Hi Tammy,

    I’m sorry for contacting you through this comment section. I tried sending a message to you twice but it doesn’t seem to work. I would really appreciate a response from you.

    Thank you.

    Nancy Perkins

  4. Thank you Jordana for continuing to inform hair stylists and their clients about Aerovex Systems’ “Chemical Source Capture System”. Your assistance in providing safety education is allowing stylists to provide keratin hair smoothing services without experiencing sensory irritation of the eyes, nose or throat. Additional ways for stylists to minimize their exposure to formaldehyde vapors include always using the manufacturers recommended portion of product, and using a low heat setting during blow drying.

    Jeff Cardarella
    Aerovex Systems

  5. FYI, You never comb the hair after the Anti-residue shampoo… the ph is to high and will cause breakage, once the solution is applied to the hair, it begins to lower the ph which allows for stylist to comb product through to ends….

    Tammy… the blowout queen…

  6. Hey, Tammy, thank you for this great review! My hairdresser swears by Pure Brazilian! She loves this product and says her clients have never been happier! I looked it up online: and I noticed Pure Brazilian has two types of treatments: Pure Brazilian Reconstructor Solution ORIGINAL and Pure Brazilian Plant Derived Smoothing Solution CLEAR. I am interested in the Clear one. It says there are no harsh chemicals and it’s safe even for Children and Pregnant Women. Has anyone tried it yet?

  7. Lisa Praska


    I just received my first Pure Brazilian treatment. Thrilled with the results. I have naturally wavy/curly hair, and for the first time ever I can wear it straight with relatively little effort (but can still wear it wavy if I want). Love it! My question is, does the original formal have any form of formaldehyde? I can’t find a good answer on this anywhere online. I know the clear formula does not, but my stylist chose the original formula for my hair type. I have a strong family history of cancer and don’t want to take any chances if it can be avoided. I did not notice any special ventilation in the salon.