I don’t care what you or any doctor says, chocolate does too give you zits. I’m living proof every October when the Halloween candy hits the aisles, I buy when it’s on sale and inevitably open that 10 pound bag of goodness and dive in. Frozen peanut butter cups are my favorite. Every time I reach for one, I curse myself. I know better and I know I’m going to pay for my dietary sins.

Within a week, I break out on my chin and chest. I’m doing better this year, I’ve not purchased the giant bag of candy yet but I did purchase some Ghirardelli Chocolate squares, had too many of those mints (my kids claimed the caramel) and finally sent the rest of the bag to work with my husband. “Take them!” I begged.

As predicted, my chin has begun it’s breakout. Darn it. I did what any over-dosed chocolate eating woman does, I pulled out the big guns…my Proactiv products. Scrubbing my face with the Deep Cleansing Wash immediately helps me feel cleaner. It contains gentle exfoliating beads that I can feel (I like to feel my products working). The 2% Salicylic Acid helps heal existing pimples and prevent future ones.

I also dabbed on the Advanced Blemish Treatment and by morning, the breakout that had began was already healing! The 6% benzoyl peroxide began working as soon as I applied and worked through the night as I slept.

Thank you Proactiv for providing me with a product I can count on to correct my poor behavior. I promise, no candy purchases until Halloween! And then, I’ll buy the candy I don’t like (no point in being tempted!). *Disclaimer: Proactiv unfortunately can’t do anything for weight gain due to dietary sins.

What is your dietary weakness that you know you shouldn’t eat? What is your “fix it” cure?

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  1. I am the exact same way with chocolate! It’s like I have hate/love relationship with it… mostly love. 😉
    I actually have some Proacitv products coming in the mail soon, I’m excited to finally try them!