What Powers Your Life?


What are you powered by? What makes your life worth living? What inspires you to get out of bed each day?

For me, it is my family. Sounds like a typical thing for a mom to say, I know, but it really become clear to me this year when both my kids went back into school instead of homeschool.  I don’t miss homeschool but I do miss my kids.  As I step into a new role of showing up and supporting them in their new school activities, I must admit, I like this life.  I love having the help of the school staff teaching my kids their academics and being in the support role instead of the primary role. Teaching academics was never my thing (teaching my son junior high math practically killed me. I could do it but to EXPLAIN it was a challenge!).  I love being the mom that drives to sporting events, volunteers at school functions and other activities. I love being with them and participating in all of their various activities like boy scouts, theater, cross country, student council and school activities.   I love sharing in their lives, and the lives of their friends, as they grow and develop into kind, smart young adults.

I love having coffee in the gazebo with my husband, talking about nothing or life goals.  I love watching Castle with him and hearing him laugh.  I love watching him with our kids.

They are the “gasoline” for my life, keeping me going, evolving and pushing myself for a better life for us all. They “power me.”

My daughter bought me flowers at the local Market Night as a thank you for redecorating her room for her birthday.  She could have spent that money on something for herself but she didn’t.

blood moon October 2014
My son shares with me his love of space by sending me emails and updates of what is going on in the sky above our heads. He could enjoy that information himself but he chooses to share what is important to him with me.  It was super cool to get up at 3:25 AM to see the blood moon with him earlier this month.

anniversary flowers

My husband is amazing and always has my back, bringing me flowers or listening to my worries.  He encourages me to think more optimistically and blesses me often by massaging my chronically tight neck.

This is why you’ll see lots of pictures of my family on Instagram and my personal Facebook profile is filled with family adventures. (Friend request me if you want to see more of my personal life on Facebook/TammySueGibson)

Because I am a busy, on-the-go mom (I suspect you are too!), it is important for me to have comfortable footwear for daily life.  Since 4 inch heels are not ideal for cross-country meets, PTF meetings or student council meetings, I need a stylish solution and because I love heels, I want at least a low heel to wear on most days.  What to do? What to do? Rockport has the answer.

I recently was given the opportunity to live my life powered by Rockport with these great Total Motion Buckle Booties. They are really perfect for my busy life and I’ll be wearing them a lot this fall/winter. While sophisticated and sexy, they are functional and super comfortable! They are made with ADIPRENE® by adidas sport technology to provide shock absorbing heel cushioning, as well as forefoot padding.

You’ll find the complete line of Rockport Total Motion shoes on Rockport.com.  They have some fantastic options for moms who are want style and comfort.  Wedge boots, mid-heels and fun flats are part of this collection. They all offer the ADIPRENE by adidas technology!

Rockport Total Motion Buckle Booties

Rockport Total Motion Buckle Booties

This is my “fall” outfit.  I saw some pictures of my cousins in Michigan going apple picking and they were bundled up from head to toe.  The difference in “fall” style is crazy! While I long for sweater weather, I’m totally not ready for “bundle-up” weather! Good thing ankle boots are so versatile!

What powers you? You may be powered by your passion for your non-profit or your business. You may be powered by the desire to stay home with your newborn.  You may be powered by traveling to foreign lands.  Whatever it is, good for you! Make no judgement on yourself or on others.  Love and support yourself and others in whatever is their drive and desire at this point in their life.

Rockport wants to know what powers you in their #PoweredByHeels campaign. Share a picture and what powers you to be entered into a weekly drawing for a chance to win free shoes and a chance to win an all-expense paid trip for a spa weekend in Miami. Use these hashtags on your social media shares: “#PoweredByHeels” and “#Sweeps”.  You can also upload your picture on Rockport.com.

Love, Tammy

Thank you to Rockport for my awesome boots! All opinions shared here are my own.


Tammy Gibson, A Mom in Red High Heels

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  1. What a nice post – thanks for sharing such personal stories. I agree that family should be what fuels us!