Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCA) is well on it’s way. With a flurry of activity, including limited edition product sales and charity walks, the month brings awareness, fund raising and education about breast cancer and early detection. Get in on the action and help spread awareness with your…hair!

Jordana Lorraine will be at a BCA fundraiser in Santa Monica, CA offering a pink hair extension for a donation of $10. The streak will last between a few days to a few weeks, depending on hair type and care. It’s real hair, so you can shampoo and style it as you do your own–even curl or flat-iron it (it’s straight when you get it put in.) It can be removed at home, or you can call Jordana to make a mini-appointment to go in and have it removed (no charge of course.) This is a new and fun way to show your support for BCA. Funky chunks of hair color are hot off the runway, so why not give this look a try with the color pink?  Julia Roberts rocked this look two years ago just because her daughter asked her to!  You can do it for a cause (if you need an excuse to let out your inner wild child!).

The Event:

Susie’s First Annual Sun Dye for Breast Cancer Awareness
McCabe’s Bar 2455 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA
Sunday, October 24, 3:00pm – 8:00pm
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For more information, contact Jordana Lorraine:

Find Jordana at Lorraine Colour Bar in Santa Monica, CA.
contact: 310-922-2645
Twitter: jordanalorraine

Pink Hair Extensions by Jordana Lorraine for BCA:

Singer, Stacy Garinger (shown above with Jordana) will be performing at the event.

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  1. Please RSVP to come to this amazing event. Rock and roll, pink hair….SAVE THE BOOBIES!! lol