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Some days it’s hard to embrace what we have, isn’t it? You have long legs that are stunning but you want larger breasts.  You have gorgeous curves, you want no hips.  You have curly hair but you want straight. I know, some days it’s hard to see all the blessings you have and focus on what you don’t have.

If you could just take a pill to change things, would you?

Naturally Curly asked that of their readers recently. To the curly hair girls they asked, “Would you take a pill to straighten your textured hair?”

“Without question, curlies have a love-hate relationship with their locks. However, when NaturallyCurly.com, the online oasis for curlies since 1998, asked if they would take a pill that could straighten their textured hair, a whopping 69 percent said “no.”

According to NaturallyCurly, researchers in Australia have identified a gene that is mainly the cause of some of us being curlies: trichohyalin. Researchers say the discovery could lead to a breakthrough pill which might make curly hair straighter and straight hair curlier. While researchers knew trichohyalin played a part in the development of the hair follicle, they only recently found its role in curliness.

While this scientific breakthrough could lead to new treatments that could make straightening irons and the like a thing of the past, most curlies who took NaturallyCurly’s online poll said no thanks.”

What do you think?  Would you take the pill?

I voted “no”. Why would I take a pill when I can get a Brazilian Blowout™ for improved hair texture? Craziness. (OK, so I’m not exactly embracing my hair’s 100% natural texture but I can improve upon it and then embrace it, right?)

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  1. No way! I love my curls and wouldn’t ever wish them away. Sure, my hair is frizzy sometimes…but, by and large, I love my locks…crazy fly-aways and all. 🙂