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Pevonia Photo-Gel Cleanser is a new personal favorite!

I’ve noticed that many skin cleansers are geared for the young tween and teen or the older, more mature 60+ crowd.

So, what about those of us that are stuck in the middle of those demographics?

I believe I may have found the answer. I received the Pevonia cleanser for review and was initially attracted to the scent. Not overpowering but subtle.

I’ve used it day and night for the last month or so, and to my amazement I’ve seen an improvement in my skin. I have adult on-set acne around my chin, and I’ve noticed that it has cleared up quite a bit.

While this product does not promote any acne based claims….it’s the only thing I’ve changed in my daily routine…so I’m going to give it the credit.

The cleanser is not rough, but it does buff away the impurities and dead skin. It didn’t make me break out or leave my face red and irritated as some of the rougher cleanser have done in the past.

Priced at $41.00…it may be a bit more expensive then what you are used to, but it is definitely worth the investment as a little bit does a long way. Seriously, a drop or two is more then enough to give you a rich lather to wash away the dirt and impurities from your skin.

One of the ingredients is Calendula, which is a beautiful flower with a rich history and legend….but it also is known to help disinfect minor wounds and to treat infections of the skin….which may be the reason my acne has cleared up. It helps stimulate collagen and brightens skin. [note: it appears the photo-gel has been reformulated and no longer contains Calendula but the gentle exfoliating cleanser and the sensitive skin cleanser both contain it.]

Pevonia’s tag line is “Natural Ingredients. Professional Results” and if all there products are as great as this one….they’ve just created a believer out of me.

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Christine, mom of tween twins


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  1. Betty Smith

    Hm i dont know how to think about products like these, i always feel a little scammed, when they come up with something like this or “celeb XYZ’s new skin miracle” blablabla. If it comes to skin it all comes down to diet and treating your body in a healthy manner. In addition some little guides and tips work wonders. I just saw this guide review and a friend of mine already tested it and was amazed by the results. You can check it out here:
    Take care!

  2. HI Betty, thanks for the referral. I totally agree that the most impact comes from proper nutrition, plenty of water and exercise (not to mention, low stress). Good skin care is important though and the more natural, the better! 🙂