How to Discover Your Personal Style

"Dressing is a Way of Life" Yves Saint Laurent

Tired of feeling frumpy, plain or invisible?  Frustrated with getting dressed every day?

Style is about expression.  It reflects who you are without a single word being spoken!  It is a way of life. Understanding, and embracing, your personal style will help you feel more confident, be more successful and live life more fully!

Discover your personal style and start building a wardrobe that showcases your special look by considering three things:

  1. Current Wardrobe: What do you already own that you makes you feel amazing every time you put it on?  What do you wear that always gets you compliments? Consider what it is that makes them such great pieces. Is it the color? Fit? Detail?
  2. Inspiration:  Which celebrity’s style do you admire? Who do you personally know that has style you adore?  Consider WHY you love their style. Is it the unique jewelry they wear? Is it the bold color they rock? Is it the elegant way they dress? Make a list of these characteristics and use them as a starting point for developing your own style.  A mix of what you are instinctively drawn to is what is going to make your personal style unique.
  3. Function– Consider your lifestyle and daily activities.  Wearing the right clothes for your lifestyle will help you feel more confident and chic.  For example, I am a mom who spends a lot of time in the car, driving my kids around.  I am at their school a lot and when at home, I am either working in front of the computer or cleaning.  As much as I’d love to spend my days in red heels and dresses, it is more functional to wear a wedge heel and jeans.  I still get to rock my personal style and adorn with the accessories I love but I save the dressier outfits for dates with my guy.  It makes sense to invest in a wardrobe that functions for daily life with a few bonus pieces for special occasions.

Check out my Pinterest boards for more inspiration and start your own board with pictures of outfits and clothing pieces that inspire you.  Pay attention to similarities you notice in the outfits as this will give you clarity on what you really like, which may be very different from how you currently dress.

Instead of hiding behind a boring wardrobe, express yourself with your personal style!

Love, Tammy



Tammy Gibson, A Mom in Red High Heels

TAMMY GIBSON, founder of A Mom in Red High Heels, is a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger | Red Heel Lover | Personal Development Enthusiast. Her personal motto is to live life with style and confidenceBecome a VIP to stay in touch with Tammy and stay up-to-date on the latest beauty and style advice on A Mom in Red High Heels!


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  1. What a great article and tips I really loved the current wardrobe tip and thinking what’s the common theme in the bits I love so I can consider that when buying new. Thank you

  2. Loved this article!! A few years back I cleared out my closet and adopted the mantra of not owning any clothes that I don’t FEEL GREAT while wearing. Life’s to short to not feel great in your clothes 😉

    I also loved how you suggested finding inspiration in celebrities but then understand WHY behind that inspiration. Like why do we like it? What makes it special. Great suggestions!

  3. Wearing the right clothes for the lifestyle I am manifesting is something I am working toward. Love this! Thank you for being FABULOUS!

  4. Great article! This definitely something I have to work on. I have been in the habit of staying in pjs all day everyday, unless I have to go out. Then sometimes I just throw something on and head out to what I have to do. I need to change my focus and build the wardrobe that reflects my style and start reflecting who I am. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Clothing is creative expression… YES! — I recently threw away and gave away a lot of my “corporate” attire because I have no intention on going back there and because I wanted dress to be free to be me. My style WHY is very clear and inspiration is an essential part of feeling good in how you show up. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  6. Tammy your suggestion about inspiration is a great reminder to me. Next time I stand in front of my mirror wondering what to wear to a networking event I will think about this one!

  7. Judy Gerland said that its better to be a first rate you than a second rate somebody else. Its easy to mimic another’s style but if it doesn’t work for you like it does them, you’re not optimizing your style to the best advantage.

  8. Great post. I sometimes feel so boring with my “style” if I can even call it that, but this was a great article to help me to create a base and i LOVED your Pinterest boards. I use Pinterest a lot to get ideas for fashion. I think also since I am in Fitness, sometimes I get comfortable in my Nikes and yoga pants, but I can still build a style that is functional and still reflect me and my brand.

  9. So many times I forget to consider my daily activities when picking out my style. It definitely has to be comfortable to get me to where I go, but can still show off my personality as well!

  10. I’m going to follow you on pinterest right now!

  11. Fantastic tips Tammy. I too believe style is an expression of who you are and what you represent. I also learned a long time ago that the way you present yourself in your style of dress has a LOT to do with the way people not only perceive you but in how they treat you and how you carry yourself as well.

  12. This is sooooo resonating with me today. I am half way through my pregnancy and have gotten super editorial about what I want in my closet right now. I can’t wait to dig out my “old” clothes and try out some of these tips in the spring 🙂 And yes, wedges are amaze-balls.

  13. I know I need help in this area. I love the tip on following your inspiration. I typically follow that rule in all areas of my life, but never thought about it for my style and fashion. Will definitely do that now. Thanks!

  14. Simple & easy. I enjoyed it.

  15. so fun and easy..Makes creating your own style simple! I love simple blogs with real answers! I like the fact you used yourself as an example! I am a stylist as well so it’s great when you can relate to your audience!!

  16. I love that you are talking about clothes and lifestyle I often talk with my clients about that, great stuff

  17. i just love you article about style. I like to have my style diffrent.