Shopping for clothing is something that we all have to do. Clothes shopping can be a joy, but with it comes so much emotion. Some people absolutely live to shop…and others loathe it! Understandably so.

We have so many variables to consider, the extra 5 we gained on vacation, post-baby weight that just won’t go away no matter how much we yell at it! How shall we disguise that today? We all have our crosses to bear now and again, don’t we?

When we do venture out, we usually take a friend who might acknowledge a purchase that is totally wrong for us because she doesn’t want to hurt our feelings…or maybe she just likes to help you spend your money so she doesn’t feel so guilty about her empty wallet! There is so much involved in making the right purchase, making good investments and buying something that we not only love, but that flatters and is right for our shape.

People tend to follow trends in almost a maniacal way and think that they are stylish dressers. First, your size, shape, personality and lifestyle need to be considered. There is the budget, too.

With a personal shopper on your side there are fewer errors in judgment and more good choices made because she can be honest and forthright in helping you build a working wardrobe that isn’t full of worthless trends. Don’t get me wrong, trends are fun! The industry is aware that people want to look current and stylish but you can do that without breaking your bank and becoming a fashion victim.

I work under the thought that good investment pieces within your budget will last for years. Trendy accessories and the insertion of hot, new colors can totally transform a wardrobe and bring you au currant.

There is so much less time and money wasted scouring the malls and sale racks when working with a personal shopper since you set your goals with her before you step into the store. The closet needs to be purged and the structure of your wardrobe set, depending on your needs.

The budget then comes into play. What can we fill in with to make each piece more versatile, fresh and fun within your plan? Your personal shopper will either accompany you to the stores or can bring items to your home for you to try on in the comfort of your own bedroom. After an initial look-see at your favorite boutiques and maybe department stores’ online sites, I prefer option II as you can move around in the clothing, see it in different lighting and mix and match it with things you already own. You can also freely comment without having people in the dressing room next to you eavesdrop on your angst!

So, if you find yourself considering a change, puzzled over what to wear to work each and every day or wonder why…hey, I don’t feel like the Michelin man! Why do I look so short-square-plump-dowdy? Invest your valuable time and hard earned money in working with a personal shopper to help guide you. The confidence you will gain will be immense! First impressions go a long way in sealing the deal, landing the dream job or even meeting Mr. Right! Look what great clothes, flare and the accompanying confidence did for Carrie Bradshaw!

Content contributed by Miriam Cash, Equilibrium Design and Consulting

Wouldn’t you love the chance to work with a personal shopper just once? I know I would love to pick the brain of a professional standing in front of me. I would totally go through the What Not to Wear experience to come out a better dresser. I think even when you are aware of what looks good on you, you still need the honest opinion of a professional!

Here is your chance! ENTER TO WIN!

Equilibrium Design and Consulting is offering a gift certificate entitling recipient to a free one hour personal shopping consultation valued at $75.

Miriam will travel the greater Philadelphia area, including Wilmington, DE and Cherry Hill, NJ should someone in this vicinity win the prize drawing.

For those living elsewhere, I will provide the recipient with a 20-30 minute phone consultation to discuss their wardrobe needs. We will spend time discussing their personality, lifestyle, wardrobe needs and dilemmas. I will give them resources and websites to help them build their wardrobe and will offer a second phone call to check in and answer any questions or supply more resources, if needed.

How to Enter: Leave a comment telling us why you need to win a session with a personal shopper! Winner will be selected at random using

Deadline: August 18 at Midnight PST.
US Residents Only, Please.

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TAMMY GIBSON, founder of A Mom in Red High Heels, is a God-loving, coffee-drinking, heel-wearing, wife and mom offering up her best tips to help women look and feel fabulous so they can achieve their biggest dreams.


  1. I need this because I have gotten into a bit of a slump. I got married in December and lost almost 20 pounds before my wedding, which I loved, and which was the most weight I had lost in a long while. However, I gained the majority of it back, and am just not comfortable in this new body of mine. I don’t know how to dress it, and am having trouble getting over the fact that I need to dress a size or two higher than what I had been previously wearing. Help!

  2. Oh, this would be so wonderful! I really need help on how to incorporate clothes I already own into new outfits better. I have some great clothes but I get stuck wearing them in the same way all of the time. I also get lost in the accessory dept. too since I have no idea how to dress up an outfit to make it more versatile!

  3. Tonya Keener

    I have no fashion sense whatsoever. Please help. I need this something awful

  4. oh wow! I could totally use this and will share what I learneith friends!!

  5. susan varney

    my husband says i choose drab clothes i could use somehelp

  6. I’d love this! Just 6 months ago, I had our third baby. I’ve lost the baby weight (mostly — although somehow my old weight has all shifted…ugh!) but compications from delivery have left me still unable to exercise. Not only does my shape make it difficult for me to choose, but feeling like I’m in a different place (crossing another birthday that feels like I need to shift a bit the way I have dressed in the past but not sure how). I’d love some help to look age appropriate but not just like a mom — but an elegant, stylish pretty woman and mom!

  7. Tonya Froemel

    I would love this. I would love help picking the right clothes for me.

  8. Lachelle

    I need help so I don’t turn into the frumpy mom! I already feel myself becoming a little too comfortable in my house clothes and my daughter isn’t even 2 yet.

  9. I am starting my first year of teaching and I need help going from the ‘college student’ look to the ‘mature adult’ look.

  10. Sylvia Belle

    I have lost weight and need a new style. I also need a wardrobe purge.

  11. I need it!!! I need some fashion style. I wear casual clothes and mom jeans! I need to find a better style that fits my body type!

  12. I’d love to win this – I want to dress cute but I have no idea what does and doesn’t look good on me without trying everything on in the store. I don’t have the time for that!

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  15. I need a personal shopper consult because I don’t have the same body I did in college, and my brilliant method to shopping includes one pair of jeans and a tshirt that fits in every color available.

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  17. Sally Thompson

    I need help making a fat girl look skinny. Actually, I probably need a magician, but would start with a consultant. 🙂

  18. Angel Windley

    I really need a consultation with a personal shopper because my world has changed 360 degrees and I need a wardrobe to go along with it. I am now the mother of a 6yr old and a 10 month old thru foster care and I am having a hard time reflecting my new role as mom while wearing spiked heels. I also have gained 50lbs due to an abdominal surgery and I don’t know how to dress the body I have now. Please help me!

  19. Cassidey

    I recently finished my first year of law school, and as I move along in my career, I need to learn how to always look polished. Having a consultation with a personal shopper would be great so I could expand my wardrobe with the right items.

  20. Stephanie C

    I recently started a new job, where I am in a position of some authority after years of working in a lab. I also lost a good deal of weight after having my wisdom teeth out (all 4 at once plus dry socket) and I have nothing that looks good or fits.
    I need help!!

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  22. I have recently started a business and i feel as if my clothes aren’t classy enough to give of the right message. I dont want it to fail . Please help me!

  23. I need this because I have no idea how to accessorize, I want that “totally put together” look!

  24. hazel hunt

    I have no fashion sense whatsoever. Please help.

  25. This is a dream win for me to get me out of the rut I am in. I don’t like to shop for clothes because I get so disgusted. I always wish I had the magic clothes genie to help me.
    I am now an empty-nester mom, and still wearing the “mom on the run” clothes…Help!

  26. I would love to see another persons perspective on my style and how she could enhance it.

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  28. Now that I’m a mom I need to dress differently…stylish but different than I used to. I have a different body too so I want clothes that will flatter my mommy figure

  29. Suanne Giddings

    I am in a frumpy rut. I wear what is comfortable. I wish I could find nice pants that are comfortable, stylish, flattering, and don’t rest six inches below my waistline. I want tops that flatter without being cut halfway down to the navel or showing off my midriff. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  30. Susanne Troop

    I’m stuck between the young fashions and the old fasions and I’m not sure what looks good on me any more so could use some help!

  31. CONTEST CLOSED. Thank you to Equilibrium Design and Consulting for the wonderful prize. Thank you to you for entering 🙂 Winner announced soon!

  32. Winner: #23 Cassidey Says:
    August 16th, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    I recently finished my first year of law school, and as I move along in my career, I need to learn how to always look polished. Having a consultation with a personal shopper would be great so I could expand my wardrobe with the right items.

    Congrats Cassidey! Enjoy your consultation!!

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