I have a secret to share. Not all things that make me feel beautiful come from makeup and good hair days. They help, for sure, but most come from simple pleasures that make my feel beautiful inside. That’s what true beauty really is, right? An inner beauty that shines through you to radiate to the world? Here are my personal beauty secret weapons:

My Beauty Secret Weapons

  1. Sharing a laugh with my kids every day. They can stress me out like all kids do to moms but sharing a laugh with them is the best way to make the stress melt away.
  2. A sweet kiss from my husband (that may or may not lead to something more).
  3. Red High Heels give me an instant boost in confidence!
  4. A delicious smelling candle that fills my space with a beautiful scent.
  5. A fresh pedicure always makes me feel more beautiful.  Taking time for myself and having pretty feet just makes me smile!
  6. Water.  When I actually drink enough of it, I feel strong, healthy and energetic!
  7. Sunglasses work in two ways: they hide my eyes on days when the dark circles are extra dark and they protect my eyes from extra squinting which helps prevent extra wrinkling!
  8. I feel most beautiful when I am listening to a song that I love.  Music touches my soul.
  9. Mascara is an absolute essential.  Without it, I feel totally naked.
  10. Multi-tasking products are amazing because they allow me to get ready quickly and get out to experience life.  BB Cream is an essential multi-tasking product for busy moms!
  11. Finally, time with friends. It makes me happy. When I’m happy, I’m more beautiful.

Your pure beauty comes from your peace, joy and health. Not to get all zen on you but you do need to figure out what is going to help you reflect your inner beauty so that when you do put on the fun makeup and style your hair so beautifully, you look like your most stunning self. Covering your face with makeup is not going to cover the fact that you are stressed, sad or anxious.

While you are getting to that point that you are feeling fine (if you’re not already), I have a couple of products to recommend. As mentioned above, I don’t leave home without mascara. I recently sampled Revlon’s Lash Potion Volume & Length Mascara. It is awesome. For real. It leaves my lashes long and thick without leaving my face full of flakes or smudges.

The other Revlon product that is really rocking my world this summer is the PhotoReady BB Cream. It hydrates, smoothes, covers, and protects with SPF 30. It’s like a moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer and sunscreen all rolled into one great product! How is that for multi-tasking so you can get your makeup on quickly and go create some joy? A mom’s best friend, right??  It’s the product I’d want with me if I was stranded on a deserted island.

Revlon believes there is more than one way for women to be seen. Revlon’s heritage as a color authority and its suite of innovative products inspires women around the world to express themselves through beauty each and every day.

Compensation was provided by Revlon Consumer Products via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Revlon Consumer Products.


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TAMMY GIBSON, founder of A Mom in Red High Heels, is a God-loving, coffee-drinking, heel-wearing, wife and mom offering up her best tips to help women look and feel fabulous so they can achieve their biggest dreams.


  1. Great list! I definitely agree about the pedicure thing, I get one whenever I need a mood boost too, it cheers me up so much every time 🙂