The Perfect Sweater for Your Body Type

The Best Sweaters for Your Body Type

Not all sweaters are created equal. No matter how gorgeous or soft it is, if it doesn’t look beautiful on your body, it’s not a good match for you. The only perfect sweater is the one that fits your body type and personal style!

When shopping for cold weather clothing, always consider your body type. If you have yet to determine your type, read Learn Your Body Type and How To Dress It Well. Once you understand your type, shopping for clothes becomes easy.

Yes, easy.

When you understand how to camouflage, balance and highlight your best features, you know exactly what to skip when trying on clothes!

Diamond Body Shape: Your goal is to achieve more of an hourglass shape by elongating your figure, drawing attention to the center of your body and drawing attention to your arms and legs. You want to avoid bulky fabrics. Your best sweaters are long tunics with side slits, smooth fabrics, v-neck, detail on the sleeves, vertical color block or 3/4 sleeve.

Diamond Body Shape: Best Sweaters

Inverted Triangle: Your goal is to draw attention to your lower body and minimize your upper body. Select slim fitting sweaters and pair them with wide leg pants or full skirts. Dark colors, v-necks and strategically placed color blocking can help minimize your wider upper body. Avoid horizontal stripes and bulky fabrics.

Inverted Triangle Body Type: Best Sweaters

Rectangle Body Type: Your goal is to create the illusion of curves, define the waist, and add femininity to your figure. Abstract, bold and bright prints can all be used to add interest, shape & definition to the figure. Ruched detail, wrap sweaters, off-the-shoulder tops and cowl necks all add softness to your shape.

Rectangle Body Type: Best Sweaters

Triangle Body Type: Your goal is to draw attention to your upper body and minimize your lower body. Shop for sweaters light in color. Horizontal lines can help add width to your upper body. You are the one shape that can embrace the bulk, thick, cozy sweaters! Enjoy! You can also wear patterns or ruffles. Choose sweaters with hemlines that end above or below the widest point.

Triangle Body Type: Best Sweaters

Hourglass Body Shape: Your goal is to embrace your curves, love your feminine shape without being overtly sexy. Your best sweaters are tailored, wrap, belted or peplum! If opting for a v-neck cut, don’t wear too low of a V (or layer over a tank top). Avoid boxy cuts.

Hourglass Body Type: Best Sweaters

Enjoy a cozy, stylish winter this year with sweaters that will make you feel gorgeous! Remember, “Bulky is bad” unless you have a triangle body type!

Love, Tammy


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