How to Get Perfect Eyebrows in Under One Minute

How to Get Perfect Eyebrows in Under One Minute |

Creating the perfect brow is too important to skip in your daily beauty routine! The shape of your brow can add to your beauty or take away from it so don’t skip on this important makeup step.  Even if you are short on time, your brows should be your number one priority!

Begin by seeing a professional to help you shape your brows perfectly for your face shape.  You can wax, pluck or have your eyebrows threaded, whichever service is preferable for you. Simply maintain the line the brow artist created by lightly plucking at home.

Daily brow makeup takes less than 1 minute as shown in this tutorial from

What you’ll need:

Angled Definer Brush
Brow powder
Brow Pencil
Spoolie Brush
Flat Concealer Brush
light concealer

As you age and your brows become lighter and thinner, this step becomes even more important. Get in the habit now of doing your brows daily.

Brows frame your face and the right shape can give you an instant face lift!  That’s totally worth a minute of your time, right?

How to Get Perfect Eyebrows in Under One Minute |


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