The holiday season brings with it many opportunities to gather. You will likely have school programs to attend, coffee and ornament exchange with your girlfriends, casual office parties and New Year’s at Noon with your playgroup.

With so many functions on the calendar over the next 5 weeks, you’ll need to plan ahead to make sure you have all you need to look fabulous at each event! First, take a look at what you have in your closet. Does anything need to go to the cleaners? Do you need to sew a button back on or fix a zipper? Do your shoes need polish? Use a keen eye to analyze each piece you’ll wear. You don’t want a ripped seam ruining your event!

Next, decide if you need to purchase or borrow any items. Girlfriends, sisters and even your mom may have the perfect wrap that you need to complete the outfit! Don’t forget about accessories! Have you been dying to borrow your sister’s silver clutch? Now is the time to ask to borrow it (she can’t say no if she wants a great gift from you, right?)

Finally, if you need to…go shopping! I’ve selected a few casual outfits and listed which function they would be appropriate for. Use them as inspiration or click on the image to purchase the exact item! Think of me as your personal shopper!

I LOVE this outfit! It would be a fabulous choice for a casual gathering at a friend’s house or a school program. Add a camel wool coat for warmth.

The break down:

SkirtSpot- Trish Women’s Sandcastle Linen Cardigana.n.a.Rosie Leather Boot

Ivory Strands and Coco Beads Necklace

This outfit Rocks! Oh, I so love it! It would be a great outfit for coffee and ornament exchange with the girls or Noon Years party with your playgroup. The sweater is to die for!

The us shop

The break down:

Short Sweater Cardigan Pintuck ShirtCocoavenue

Tasseled Ribbon Decoration Boots

If your holiday function is more formal, be sure to click over to The Well Mom to read the tips I shared to Avoid Party Panic. Also, Happy Housewives Club Beauty page is loaded with tips and more outfit suggestions!

For a very formal event, check out what you look fab has to share on the topic.

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