Outfit Inspiration: Valentine’s Date Night

Outfit Inspiration: Valentine's Date Night

Valentine’s Day will soon be here. While you may be thinking you have a month to prepare, let me assure you that the time will pass quickly. Remember how quickly Christmas came and went? To create the perfect look, you don’t want to be shopping at the last minute because you know when you do that, it is impossible to find anything you love!

I have the perfect outfit for your evening adventure, whether with your hot date or a night on the town with the girls. It has an edgy but sexy feel and each piece can be work in a variety of ways so you can wear them throughout the year!

Outfit Inspiration: Valentine's Date Night | amominredhighheels.com

I adore this White Peplum Ruffled Top. I have a long waist so peplum tops usually sit too high on my waist but this one falls nicely. I love how the sheer layers add a romantic touch. Peplum is a beautiful detail that gives your curves extra attention (and creates curves if you don’t have any!).

Outfit Inspiration: Valentine's Date Night | amominredhighheels.com

Understated but beautiful, this Tahitian South Sea Pearl is a beautiful way to give your outfit a flawless finish. The way the pearl picks up the light is just stunning!

Need a reliable place to shop pearls (or make a wishlist for your Valentine gift)? The Pearl Source is an excellent place to shop for high-quality, beautiful pearls at a low price because they buy directly from the pearls’ country of origin, skipping the middle man and extra cost. They offer everything from rings to strands to bracelets in a wide variety of pearl types. Personally, I am obsessed with the Tahitian South Sea Pearls, otherwise known as “black pearls.” (Hint: the Tahitian South Sea Pearl rings are stunning, I’d recommend putting one on the top of your wish list!)

Outfit Inspiration: Valentine's Date Night | amominredhighheels.com

Wearing snakeskin print pants is a great way to add some extra fun to the look.  You can go for a subtle print, like mine, to keep the look more refined or go for a bolder print for a more “rock n’ roll” vibe.  Either way, the animal print adds a fun element and texture to the outfit.

Outfit Inspiration: Valentine's Date Night | amominredhighheels.com

Every woman who loves to play in style knows that a clutch is the go-to bag for night. Choose one with standout detail that reflects your personal style!

Outfit Inspiration: Valentine's Date Night | amominredhighheels.com

Complete the look with sexy red heels. The color is bold and perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Love the look? Shop the pieces similar to what I wore:

Outfit Inspiration: Valentine's Date Night | amominredhighheels.com

White Peplum Ruffled Top (same as mine)
Current/Elliott Snakeskin Pattern Trousers (similar)
Tahitian South Sea Pearl Denise Pendant (same as mine)
Isolá ‘Ballancia’ Slingback Sandal (similar)
BCBG Downtown Days New Envelope Clutch (similar)
Neutrogena Color Stick (I’m wearing Plum Perfect but there are 8 color choices for easy-to-apply color that is perfect for you. No mirror required for application!) (same as mine)

Thank you to Lookbook Store and The Pearl Source for providing products for editorial review.

Love, Tammy



Tammy Gibson, A Mom in Red High Heels

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  1. Fariha Waqqas says:

    #vip. It is one seriously nice top. Though it is is short in length for me but I can say that the layers and a bit of flair makes it more stylish and wearable for different occasions.

  2. Katie Hyatt says:

    I like that this outfit looks sophisticated, but comfortable. I like the top and pants, but I love the accessories with this outfit. The red heels, simple necklace, and clutch really bring the outfit together. #VIP

  3. nancy silverman says:

    #VIP What a brilliant outfit! Stylish, not too young and the Tahitian Pearl is a perfect accessory!

    The pants are perfect as there are Valentine’s Days when it is chilly where I live so being a bit more covered is a good choice.

    Love the heels and clutch and I’ll always wear a peplum.. very flattering for my shape. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Love the outfit! The top is my favorite simple and chic you can’t go wrong with a peplum top. Great inspiration for just about every figure.

  5. previous message #VIP

  6. I love the outfit. The Peplum Blouse is what i love. I feel the hem line is so beautiful, makes the person who is wearing it look classy..

  7. I love the fit of the and the flair of the Peplum Blouse. Plus, the red shoes makes it pop. #VIP

  8. Love that that the peplum is softer and eases over the hips instead of pointing out to the side. Not all of us have teeny waists that we want to emphasize.

  9. Love that that the peplum is softer and eases over the hips instead of pointing out to the side. Not all of us have teeny waists that we want to emphasize. #vip

  10. #VIP I like that it’s stylish, feminine and can be worn dressed up or dressed down. It looks fantastic on you and I have to say I want one, too!!!!

  11. #vip I love the soft flowiness of the peplum. I don’t like that it doesn’t come in any larger than a size 10.

  12. #VIP

    Love peplums but this one is really special as it is soft and feminine and more relaxed. I really really love the pearl drop. Just right for a top like this one.

  13. Dayna Daugherty says:

    #VIP I love that the top is dressy, and casual. Looks slimming. Pops of color in the accessories make it different. Does the top come in any other colors? Where can I find it?

  14. Love this look! It definitely is an attention getter. I am not a big fan of peplum shirts as they never fall correctly on me either…but, I do love the clean, crisp lines on this shirt and the way it accents your waist. The red shoes, as always, are the perfect pop of color. My favorite item is the clutch…LOVE! #VIP

  15. @Dayna The top is from Lookbook store. If you click the red link above, it will take you directly to the product page. It also comes in black and they do have other peplum styled tops: http://www.lookbookstore.co/search?q=peplum

  16. Cynthia Richardson says:

    Unlike a lot of peplums, this top is very flattering. The 2-tiered ruffle is so pretty. #VIP

  17. I adore every aspect of this outfit. Peplum tops are flattering, the red shoes just pop! I’m a big fan of Tahitian pearls and since I dislike statement necklaces, I love it! #VIP

  18. I Love this Top!! Very Stylish and Beautiful!

  19. #vip Great top, great shoes (wish my feet would tolerate heels)
    I like how the top elongates the torso and how the ruffles provide alittle rear end coverage

  20. This is a classy, feminine look and with the spunk of the red shoes, really brings it all together!! 🙂

  21. Tina Renee Barker says:

    I love this outfit because it is practical (not too dressy) as well as stylish. The peplum ruffled
    top in white is figure flattering and the red shoes make the outfit pop! #VIP

  22. Bridgett Pierce (Newsham) says:

    #VIP I think the top is stylish & versital. It’s cute & covers the hips.

  23. #VIP I love the peplum. It looks soft and comfy and it is perfect for casual date night!

  24. Sharon Siqueiros says:

    This outfit looks great on you!! I love that each piece can be worn with so many other things. The red heels are a perfect fun pop of color. #VIP

  25. Tammy love the peplum top and Look Book store. Seems they only carry small sizes. Where can I find a top like that in larger sizes ? Thanks

  26. What a gorgeous outfit for Valentine’s day! I love the subtle red accents with a classy and chic black and white attire. Too cute!

  27. I love the top, however, the red shoes are the best as it makes the whole ensemble pop. It is very classy, elegant yet simple. Something even I can do for a night out. #VIP

  28. I love the top, however, the red shoes are the best as it makes the whole ensemble pop. It is very classy and elegant yet simple. Something even I can do for a night out. #VIP

  29. Would love this! #VIP.

  30. Amazing Gift! #VIP.

  31. So beautiful outfit. look gorgeous.

  32. Great outfit Tammy! I am seriously lusting after those shoes and I would never have thought to put them with snakeskin print pants – looks fab! xo

  33. LOVE the pop of red!