Kate Gosseline in US Magazine (image credit INFphoto.com)
Kate Gosselin knows how to create a press frenzy: add some hair extensions and the whole world is talking! But then she created a stir again when it was reported in US Magazine, a week later, that she hated them.  I knew she would. The upkeep and daily styling routine for this type of extension requires a lot of time and money. While Kate may have money (or services comped for her) and help with her 8 kids, she really has to love the look to maintain it.

Keratin Treatment and Hair Extension Specialist, Jordana Lorraine talks a bit about the care for extensions, “Hair extensions do require a certain “handle with care” approach. The level of care needed is dependent upon the bonding method. Many shampoos contain oils or emollients which could cause bonded hair extensions to slip away from the scalp or even slide out. It is also important to keep conditioner and styling products off of the bonded area.” Not only is Kate having to learn how to style the mounds of extensions, she is also having to learn a new way of caring for her hair- no wonder she is stressed about them!  On Jordana’s very informative website you can learn a great deal more about hair extension facts.

Aside from the cost and maintenance, why doesn’t Kate love her look?  In Jordana’s opinion, “Medium length hair would have been a less dramatic makeover and maybe we wouldn’t all be talking about it so much! If they prove too difficult, she can always have them cut shorter.” Jordana also points out that medium length extensions would have been more blendable and would have looked more natural.

I know a lot of celebrities wear extensions but after hearing about Kate’s experience, I have to say “no thank you” to the idea for myself.  It sounds too high maintenance for me, not to mention expensive!  However, I am intrigued with the thought of temporary extensions (or clip-in extensions).  I am entertaining the thought of getting a set of my own this year, especially after receiving a demonstration from Jordana with her own gorgeous temporary locks!

Jordana is using a 4-piece set to create a full body look: a large one across the back, a medium one through the crown and a smaller one on each side. She also clipped in small dark accent pieces around her face.

Jordana before temporary hair extensions

The clips to clip in the hair sections

The first small extension piece is added to the side of the head.  Another is placed on the other side of the head.

A large clip-in section is added across the back of the head

Add the final extension of the 4-piece set to the top back of head. Tease your own hair to make it full of volume to cover any evidence of the extensions.

Jordana after a 4-piece temporary set of extensions has been added. She also added a few small dark extension pieces around her face.

The best temporary extensions (and the kind you’d want to purchase if you want lust-worthy hair) are made of real human hair and are color treated to match your hair color and cut to match your style.  Clip-in extensions can be styled with curling irons and flat irons so you are not limited in how your wear your hair.  Temporary extensions are also a great option to help correct a bad hair cut! The best part?  Gorgeous full hair at more than half off the price of regular hair extensions!

Temporary extensions come in a variety of sets. Jordana uses two types at her salon:  a 4-piece set like that used in the pictures above or a more popular 7-piece set. It’s the same amount of hair, but in thinner strips. The 7-piece set places 3 extension sections in the back and 2 on each side. If you go to an excellent stylist, she will provide you with a tutorial on how and where to clip-in the extensions. Jordana provides her clients with a placement diagram to take home as each person’s head is shaped differently and needs custom placement. The cost of a 4-piece or 7-piece set starts at $500 at the Lorraine Colour Bar in Santa Monica. Check with your local salon for their prices. Consider it an investment in your style that provides you with the flexibility to turn your hair into envy-worthy locks.

Need a less expensive option? You could try Jessica Simpson’s hairdo 10-piece Human Hair clip-in extensions. Since it is 100% human hair, it can by professionally colored, cut, and styled to match your needs. Please do get your clip-in hair extensions altered to match your hair.  There is nothing tackier than obviously fake hair adorning your head.  You will not look hot, you’ll look cheap…just ask Kate who feels her hair looks “overprocessed and damaged”. There are currently 9 shades available in this particular set.

I’ve decided that temporary extensions are the way to go for me. It’s an easy way to add length and volume to my style but not be committed to the price tag or upkeep of fully bonded extensions.  If I decide to change my own hair’s color, I can get the extensions changed to match because it’s real human hair. I bet Kate wishes she had opted to grow her natural hair longer before adding temporary hair extensions! She’d feel more like herself and a little less out of sorts with her masses of hair.

What do you think? Would you get clip-in hair extensions and wear them often?

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  1. It’s funny, because Kate did have long hair before the sextuplets, that in the photo above, she looks like she’s just wearing a wig. It doesn’t look natural for *her*. I don’t know, but it seems like she really is a short hair girl and that’s the only cut that will look right on her.

  2. Loved this post, great pics to go with it! I’ve been using the extensions from Jessica Simpson’s Hairdo line as well – you can get a great deal on those at http://www.salonhive.com/hair-extensions. The Pro Premier Volumizer are really good as well – I actually got my sister hooked on those!

  3. Clip-in extensions are SO much fun! I would like to add that if you buy them through a salon, it should include professional color-matching and a haircut to make it blend with your own. So check with a salon before you assume ordering online is cheaper; by the time you take them in to have them colored+cut, the cost may be about the same.

  4. I am considering getting the Pure Hair Extensions put in. These are not temporary and cost around $800. They are bonded by a small copper piece- no glues or chemicals are used. From what I understand, they do not damage the hair in anyway and can last up to 18 months. The upkeep is that you have to get them adjusted every 6 weeks as your hair grows in.

    I’m still on the fence but really leaning towards this option. Anyone else tried them?

  5. @Chris That is a great price for a method that involves this much work. Are you certain it includes hair and application, and that the stylist is experienced?

    I don’t know this brand of hair, but the method is quick and effective. If you have blonde hair, ask the stylist about the metal having a reaction with hard water and causing a green mark on your hair. This is one problem I have seen with this method (it doesn’t show on darker hair.)

    As far as damage and how long they last, this is largely up to you and they way you care for it. The stylist should give you a rundown, including what kind of brush, shampoo, conditioner and detangler to use. Ask if they include any of these as a first-time special! Also, ask how much it costs when you have them adjusted.

    Good luck and please post back if you decide to do them!

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