I’m in the process of scheduling a summer trip to Michigan with my Mom and Daughter to visit my 91 year old Grandma!  Over the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel quite a bit and have learned how to be a better packer! One thing I NEVER skimp on is the skin care! In fact, I even bring along travel sized facial masks so I can give my face some TLC after a travel day!

It is essential to continue your skin care routine when you are on the road because you encounter more germs, grime and dehydration when traveling.  Here are 3 great products pick from:

Proactiv Mini Maintenance System Travel Kit-The carry on-friendly kit contains 1oz. bottles of the 3-Step System so you won’t break stride on your acne treatment while on the road spreading cheer. And best of all, the Mini Maintenance System Travel Kits are available in all three versions of Proactiv’s specially formulated solutions, so whether you have sensitive skin or require an extra-strength treatment, they have you covered!

Makeup Cleansing Wipes -These oil, alcohol and fragrance free pre-moistened towelettes gently remove mascara, lipstick and makeup from eyes, lips and face in one swipe.

Oil Blotter Sheets– These pocket-sized, natural-fiber blotter sheets deliver quick on-the-go mattifying for a shine-free finish, fast!

More ways to use these on-the-go skin care products:

  • Even if you don’t have travel plans, these products are fantastic for throwing in your gym bag!
  • I love the makeup cleansing wipes for removing heavy makeup after a photoshoot, especially on days when I have to go straight to a soccer practice and don’t have time to stop home and wash up! Also great for your young actors and actresses who leave the stage with theater makeup on!
  • The oil blotter sheets should always be in your handbag and used throughout the day!  These are a mom must-have!  Remember to pull one out and use it before your next client meeting or when you don’t have time to freshen up before your child’s parent teacher conference!

Learn more on DiscoverProactiv.com.

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