NutriMinC® RE9® REgain Illuminating Enzyme Peel

Environmental stress, life stress, sun damage and poor skin care habits can leave your face looking dull. When you lose the pretty glow that you remember from last summer, what do you do? You exfoliate! You get a facial! You drink lots of water!

Arbonne NutriMinC® RE9® REgain Illuminating Enzyme PeelA new Arbonne product was introduced to me . It’s called NutriMinC® RE9® REgain Illuminating Enzyme Peel. It is made from African papaya and Far East pineapple that gently exfoliate, revealing a more even complexion and noticeably smoother-looking skin. In just 10 minutes the peel purifies and revitalizes the look of tired skin for a more youthful, radiant appearance.

Now, I know that pineapple is full of enzymes! Whenever I eat too much of it my mouth is sore! And I’ve had facial treatments with papaya before so I was pretty sure this product was going to be fabulous! When I read the instructions it gave me two options. Put it on for 10 minutes and relax, like any traditional mask. The other option was to spread it on my skin and sleep with it on. WHAT? An enzyme peel on my skin all night is going to give me raw, red skin! Not the kind of skin refreshing experience I’m looking for! So, I tried the 10 minutes prior to my shower.

Initially the treatment made my skin feel slightly hot but I wasn’t worried as I like to feel my products work. I was happy with the results of the treatment. My skin did feel smooth and looked fresh. Now, to find out more about this overnight deal!

I called Rachel, my friend and Arbonne consultant. She assured me using the peel overnight was NOT going to make my skin fall off, feel raw or irritated. I wanted more proof. I told her to get me some testimonies. She did. Her neighbor had just used the product the night before and her face was intact and glowing. OK, I’d give it a try.

The night I put it on, I washed my face and used the Enzyme Peel in place of my moisturizer. I didn’t get the same heat sensation that I had the first time I used it. That was a good start. I didn’t want my face burning while I slept. I did feel tightness but it was not bothersome. When I awoke, I was happy to see my skin was looking fresh and pretty! I wiped it down with toner to remove the dead skin cells that no doubt gathered on my face due to the exfoliating properties of the peel. I was pleased with the appearance of my skin. At least my skin looked awake that day!

I continue to use the NutriMinC® RE9® REgain Illuminating Enzyme Peel. The texture is creamy and thick, like a night cream. It’s a quick way to get results! I don’t need much to cover my face, just one pump at each use is enough so the product is sure to last a long while! The $40 price tag is actually a good value!

Would you like to try NutriMinC® RE9® REgain Illuminating Enzyme Peel? Your Healthy Lifestyle has kindly offered one A Mom in Red High Heels reader the opportunity to see the results of the product herself! (If you win, I’d love to hear your results!). Retail value $40

How to enter:
1. Visit Your Healthy Lifestyle.
2. Find something about Arbonne products that you think is worth sharing. It could be a specific product, the company philosophy, something about Rachel… whatever you find to be of interest.
3. Leave a comment below sharing your new-found information.

Contest Deadline: March 31, Midnight PST
Open to those with US mailing address only.

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  1. nice contest and products!

  2. I swear by arbonne for my daughters acne treatment. And the website bears out our good luck with the products!

  3. Gayle Morgan says:

    I love the smell of their body lotion

  4. Rachel’s Fitness for Mommies blog is really good.

  5. Barb Wild says:

    i have not ever tried any of it and have not even heard about the products but if they are great i would like to win one…

  6. Gina Smith says:

    Love all of the products I’ve tried. I haven’t tried the peel but would love to!!

  7. James Jenkins says:


  8. Victory A says:

    I would love to try it and give a full report back!

  9. I would like to try the Awaken Sea Salt Scrub.

  10. This seems to be a very healthy line and will read more on it. I’ve bookmarked it. One interesting product was the NutriMin RE-9 skin care line.

  11. Boy – can I use an enzyme peel! Pick me!

  12. I would like to try the peel

  13. Michelle Rosborough says:

    Figure 8 Vanish™ Pre-Shower Cellulite Scrub

    Step 1 of 2, prepare yourself to be amazed with this unique, botanically-based formula that is applied dry — before showering — to visually tone, tighten and prep skin for step 2, the Figure 8 Vanish™ Contouring Cellulite Cream. This high-performance first step scrubs skin and the rubbing action stimulates microcirculation, sloughing off dead skin cells and reveling brighter, healthier skin.

  14. This peel is wonderful.

  15. I definitely think it’s worth sharing about the Arbonne baby care products. They look great, especially with all the negative things found in many products found in the grocery store.

  16. Betty Curran says:

    The Figure 8 Vanish™ Cellulite System sounds like something I could really use to get ready for summer.

  17. sarah woods says:

    Would love to win one of two products; eye Intelligence cream; or the Figure 8 Vanish Cellulite System. Best of luck to all who enter

  18. Carissa Davis says:

    I like that the products are free of chemical dyes and fragrances.

  19. kathleen Yohanna says:

    Arbonne manufactures pure, safe body care products.

  20. Lily Kwan says:

    I find it cool that Arbonne products are certified vegan.