Wash Your Face at Night

The end of your day should be filled with rituals to refresh your body and mind. After a long day with the kids, work and all the activities that are associated with life, you need to design your night routine to help you recharge.

I’m a huge fan of a slow, deliberate bedtime routine. This is time for me to unwind, have some “alone time,” process the events of the day and pamper my skin, giving it the help it needs to rejuvenate and re-hydrate while I sleep.

Here are the routines I won’t skip:

NIghttime Refresh

  • During my evening shower, I like to deep condition my hair twice a week (any more than that is too much).
  • After my shower, I let my hair air dry as long as possible then finish it with a round brush and blow dryer. This limits my heat processing time and reduces my morning hair styling time.
  • After I shower, I apply Neutrogena Body Oil to seal in moisture. With winter coming, this step is important not to skip!
  • On the nights that I don’t shower, I always wash my face. Always.
  • During my nightime refresh, I like to listen to classical music. Canon in D is my favorite. The music relaxes me and calms my mind after the constant stimulation of the day.
  • Products matter. For my aging skin I apply a rich eye cream made to fight fine lines!
  • A lavender candle, or essential oil, is a soothing way to end the night.
  • I always wear socks to bed. This keeps the cream on my feet from getting all over my sheets but also, if my feet are cold, I can’t sleep!
  • Most nights I lay on a heating pad just before bed. It relaxes all my tired muscles in my back and neck!
  • Products are important but don’t forget your “magic water.” I like to drink a big glass right before bed. (If you have a small bladder, drink your water an hour before bed.)

Establish a nighttime routine for yourself and make it one that is pampering for you!  Take the time to be good to your body by giving it some TLC!

Love, Tammy


Tammy Gibson, A Mom in Red High Heels

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