Night Out Alternatives for Busy Moms

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As a mother of a young one, or even multiple children, it can be exhausting. There is a one hundred percent chance that these women need space and time to just let their hair down, exhale, relax, and throw their feet up on their favourite piece of furniture while doing as little as possible. Yes, sometimes a night out with friends is exactly the antidote needed for peace of mind, catching up with old friends, and commiserating in the difficulties and joys of motherhood.

But, that is also demanding in its own way: you have to get made up, fix your hair, and present yourself well since, after all, you have been so preoccupied with your kids’ schedule you haven’t seen your friends in ages; you may find you lack the energy necessary amd you owe it to your friends to have a good time with them; or you have to arrange for someone to watch the kids because your man is working late. It begins to feel like more work than it is worth (can you relate?).

With that in mind, what are some more relaxing alternatives activities you did in your younger days? What are some good ways to just chill at home, relaxing with loved ones or even by yourself, apart from the kids?

Indulging in Videogames
This is really letting go! No longer are games on the console or computer games the territory of the isolated nerd. That’s because games like mobile bingo are more prevalent and accessible than they have ever been. The perfect way to just disengage, let the brain have a break, and even earn a dollar or two, if you get lucky, is through online gaming. It can even be social when you play with your friends!

If that is not quite your cup of tea, there are tons of other genres. Puzzle games are not exactly brain-disengaging, but can provide a different kind of challenge. Solving one offers a wave of euphoria. Alternatively, competitive card games like Hearthstone are social and can be played with friends; additionally, it is easy to get into and fun to master over time.

Host a Potluck
Instead of eating out with your girlfriends, save a bit of money, practice a little creativity in the kitchen (or order out a dish if you are tired and really do not feel like putting on the cooking apron), and invite the ladies over for a fun potluck. Yes, you will have to orchestrate things so that you do not have six different salads and two soups with no dessert, but that is not too much to ask, is it?

Find a Workout Buddy
Exercise is a classic way to blow off steam for a reason. First, it is a natural and healthy way to feel good about your physique. Second, your body needs it! Chances are you didn’t burning enough calories on that last vacation, and you certainly don’t while driving your kids all over town. Finding a girlfriend to go with you makes it a regular, social event to look forward to every week.

Which activity sounds like a great night out alternative to you?

Love, Tammy


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