Multiple Streams of Income

Have you heard of multiple streams of income? As a business owner, you likely have. If you are not in the business world, you may be familiar with the term but not necessarily using the concept.

Multiple streams of income is exactly as it sounds. You have income coming in from a variety of places. You may have a job, rental properties, your husband’s job, babysitting money or a second job. As a blogger and business owner, I run sponsored posts, ads, do on-site coverage, manage social media for other businesses and more.  As much as I love sharing about beauty and fashion, this is my job, not just a hobby.  Income is essential or else I must return to the world of 9-5.  I prefer being an entrepreneur and working around the family schedule.My son has decided to end his homeschool lifestyle and go back to school. This means both our kids will be attending private school in the fall. This means, I need to make additional income to help with the high cost of tuition. Why am I sharing? So you understand my decision to become a Chloe + Isabel merchandiser.

I decided to work with Chloe + Isabel because they offer a great online program, providing me with my own “boutique.” They also provide great graphics for use on social media and blogs. And, of course, their jewelry is FABULOUS. I see this as an opportunity to seamlessly pair A Mom in Red High Heels with Chloe + Isabel.

If you are not familiar with Chloe + Isabel, I invite you to check out their collection! You may even want to look into the merchandising opportunity if you need an additional stream of income! It is a low start-up cost and they don’t have minimum sale requirements. You can work at your own pace, on your own schedule.

I am excited about this new opportunity and will be showcasing the jewelry in upcoming outfit posts that I hope will inspire you! I welcome your orders (all done online) and having you share with your friends and family. Mostly, I encourage you support my decision to step out into a new role as merchandiser to help my family with our priorities. I know you’d do the same if you needed to. I promise not to shove it down your throat but will tastefully include the styles within my content and on social media. If you are local, you may be invited to live events to shop the jewelry!

With that, I invite you to check out the c + i styles and enjoy 25% off with their Summer Solstice Sale. Use code Summer25 to receive your discount. The sale ends TONIGHT (6/27) at 11:59 PM PST.


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