How to Get Motivated for your Morning Workout

Some inspiration from our good friend Holly at Fit Yummy Mummy on how to get motivated to workout each day!

1. Plan Ahead
The most successful morning routine begins the night before.
Planning ahead- once again – is an essential step to your success.

The night before, take a 5 to 10 minutes to be sure everything you
need is ready to go once you awake.

- What’s for breakfast?
- Your workout is set and ready to go – what you will wear, your
workout log, equipment, music

2. Get Enough Sleep
Your body needs adequate rest to wake up refreshed and ready
to start your day.

3. Begin with a Positive Attitude
Wake up with positive, encouraging thoughts…easiest way to begin
- simply be grateful for this day before you. Also be sure to
review your journal, affirmations or your goal setting sheet for a
reminder of WHY you are doing this, WHY this is important to you.

4. Allow your body to actually Wake Up
Do some light stretching and if possible, get some fresh air, drink
a glass of water.

I love to walk out on my deck first thing in the morning, breath in
the morning air and take note of the beauty and peacefulness of the
day. Yoga has always been a part of my life, so I enjoy a series of
sun salutations to prep my body. Drinking water right when you wake
up is a great way to revitalize and rehydrate your body.

5. Fuel Your Body
Review your journal or your goals over a cup of freshly brewed mint
green tea and nourishing meal to fuel your workout. Yes, you need
to have some type of nourishment in your body.

Remember – this is not about how many calories and fat you burn
during a workout – but how many calories and fat you burn all day

Above all else – Focus on the Benefits

I always focus on the POSITIVE outcomes – physical and emotional
- my energy levels
- feeling empowered to make good choices for the rest of the day
- improved mood
- less stressed
(TOGETHER these two outcomes allow me truly enjoy the time I spend
with my loved ones….thus improving my relationships)

- Physically – feels good to feel lean and toned – my posture
changes and I just feel Strong….inside and out!

THIS is what motivates me!
Hope it has the same effect for you!

Here’s to a successful start to your Motivating Morning Workouts!

PS – If you are in need of an effective workout plan you can do at
home in only 90 minutes a week be sure to grab your copy of Fit
Yummy Mummy.

Your Friend and Coach,
Holly Rigsby

Author of Fit Yummy Mummy

Join ClubFYM

Don’t say, “Oh well, swim suit season is almost over anyway! I’ll start next year!” Remember your health depends on your taking care of your body. If you are healthy, you are a better mom, wife, friend, daughter, employee and person! Check out Holly’s program Fit Yummy Mummy! It’s easy to follow and fits into your busy schedule…I promise!  Just look at this Playground Workout…how perfect for a morning at the park with your kids!

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  1. Shefali says:

    Great tips! I’ve gotten back into working out (it’s been about a month) and I believe all of these can really help keep you motivated.

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