Moms are saying they really don’t want STUFF for Mother’s Day. How do I know? I asked them!

I posted this on Facebook:

Finish the sentence: What I want for Mother’s Day is…

Being that the page is beauty/fashion centered, I thought I’d receive comments from several moms wanting a Coach handbag, a mini-shopping spree for new spring clothes, a mani/pedi or a special piece of jewelry.

To my surprise, those where not the comments I received.

Nope, real moms want things like:

  • more sleep
  • time to themselves to just chill (and NOT COOK)
  • a job
  • their moms back
  • a healthy baby
  • to see a child again
  • to just spend time with their own moms
  • to let her family know how grateful and blessed she feels

I was floored by the responses.  It opened my eyes to the struggles of women all around me.  While all I can really do for these women is send them a virtual hug, I want each and everyone of you to know that I pray for you that you may have joy this Mother’s Day.

I know it can be hard when Moms are no longer with us or live far away.  I know how stressful life as a mom can be and how 2 hours alone can feel like an amazing gift (even better if those hours are spent sleeping!).  I understand how Mother’s Day can be stressful with your Mother-in-law or even your own mom. For those who wish so badly to become a mom and haven’t yet or for those who have lost a child, the holiday is especially hard.

What I suggest for you to do is practice gratitude.  Sometime this weekend, take out a pen and paper or use your tablet, and write a list of everything you are grateful for.  Especially focus on your own mom or woman who is like a mom to you.  Don’t forget the often forgotten step-moms, grandmothers who helped raise you and yes, the mother-in-law.  Write down every good thing you can think of to be grateful for.  Doing this about your mom if she is no longer with you is especially powerful.  It will remind you of the joys, laughter, silly quirks, things she taught you and sweet memories you had with her.  It will be like a giant hug from her. As a mother yourself, think about what you are grateful for in your own children.

Expect tears.

It’s ok.

Then, bravely go out into the world and give LOVE to every mom you know.  Give hugs, send text messages, send a card, say thank you, bring flowers.  Many moms are feeling sad, tired and under appreciated.  Give them LOVE.  You’ll gain a ton back for yourself too!

Another simple way to encourage moms is to join Coach as they continue to offer you “Coach Love”, an app to create a Mother’s Day card to share on Facebook or via email. Inspired by the new fragrance and the timeless artwork designed for Coach LOVE by the iconic illustrator Milton Glaser, Coach is asking you to send LOVE declarations to their mothers, grandmothers and children by filling in the blank [I LOVE____]. Send one to every mom you know!!

Here’s one for all of you:

This post is sponsored by the new Coach fragrance, Love. While I had planned on writing a guide to last minute gifts, I felt drawn to send this encouraging message out. It seems so fitting to be sponsored by a fragrance called LOVE! It is available at

Hugs to you all!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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TAMMY GIBSON, founder of A Mom in Red High Heels, is a God-loving, coffee-drinking, heel-wearing, wife and mom offering up her best tips to help women look and feel fabulous so they can achieve their biggest dreams.


  1. It really is amazing that moms mostly want immaterial things. It shows what our priorities really are. Not that getting material things isn’t nice every now and then, but it’s the intangibles that really matter.