We all sometimes feel like we fall short as moms, wives and women. That’s normal. But, don’t hold onto that feeling! It only works to disappoint, sadden and eventually wound your inner diva. What you need is a little encouragement. You need someone to be your friend and tell you that you are doing great and you probably just need to reclaim your balance and seek yourself out.

While I like to encourage you to find your inner diva via beauty routines, fashion and taking pride in how you present yourself to the world, I know someone who has a slightly different approach to helping you rediscover your inner diva!

Kimberley Clayton Blaine shares with us 8 Easy Steps to Reclaiming Balance, Motivation and Your Inner Diva in her book “Mommy Confidence“. Kimberley is a licensed child and family therapist, author, public speaker and The Go-To Mom! This mama knows what she is talking about so listen to her ideas!

Kimberley takes a very real approach in her book. She understands that sometimes as moms we want to flee from our family and lock ourselves away from them for an afternoon. There is no shame in that and it’s perfectly normal so get over your own guilt! Kimberley guides us down the path that leads back to our true, authentic self.

While I don’t want to share the secrets in her book (Just buy it! It’s worth the very inexpensive $8), I will tell you a few of her chapter titles that I loved: Avoid Comparing Yourself to Other Mommies; Leave the Guilt Behind and Get Proactive; and Create Your Wish List.

Each chapter contains the lesson, a real-life mom example and ends with “Word of Mommy Wisdom”. While the book is a quick read, it is full of ideas to get you thinking. It’s not a “light” book; it’s meant to motivate, inspire, encourage and guide you in the direction of your inner diva! Get your confidence back with Mommy Confidence!

Living in Southern California? Get yourself to Pasadena on Monday, March 30 to meet Kimberley and buy her book. The event sounds like it’s going to be great…I mean Dots Cupcakes and wine from Trader Joes??…YUM! Just what the Mommy ordered!


Be sure to read Kimberley’s beauty and style tips right here on A Mom in Red High Heels!

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