Yet another new mom hair dilemma! I’ve just had my 4th! Yea! We love our easy-going baby & all that comes with 4 kids under 5. I have had short hair for a few years (as short as a pixie) and then grown it out to my shoulders & cut it back to my chin again. I felt that having short hair in the past was never an issue because I was very active & lost the baby weight quickly. So I never felt fat in the face. We’re 10 weeks post-partum and for health reasons I haven’t been able to work out & I’m not nearly back to where I want to be in weight. I’m trying to be patient and know it’s possible to be happy with my body at any size. I just want to look cute & not look in the mirror & see where I need to lose the weight.

On top of it all, I have a new climate to work with. I have always lived in dry climates & we’ve recently moved to Houston. It’s humid year-round and is a tropical climate, so is essentially 75 degrees 9-10 months out of the year. 75 w/high humidity means my hair is pulled back at home, let alone at the park, and soon at the pool. Fingers crossed, I will be back to running & cycling regularly soon, so wanting to have low maintenance hair is key to fitting in workouts. I’m not sure longer hair is worth it if I’m going to just pull it back. However, I fear I’ll look fat w/the shorter hairstyles I’ve had in the past. Looking forward to any advice – specific styles & styling tips for humidity?


Hello Nikki,

Congratulations on your newest addition!! Taking care of your self during the first few years of a baby can be difficult. Plus having 4 others. My recommendation is to work with what God gave you as much as possible. (texture, I mean)

I always encourage women to go with a length they are most comfortable with. But shorter hair can be more slimming than long. Too much (hair) weight around the face can make it fuller. I have includes some pictures. That would work great for you!!! Some are a bit edgy, you can always tame them down or make a bit more wild, depending on your style.

(Editor’s note: check out the ADORABLE short bob on this video… Must-See Makeover: Drab to Fab Compliments of Joico Hair Care Products (+ enter to win)

If you are interested in color, the same rules apply to our hair that does to clothing. Darker on the sides of face will slim down our face. And lighter on top will lengthen your face. Theses rules can apply to any color and doesn’t have to have a ton of contrast. A few subtle highlights will make a difference.

As for product I would recommend an aloe based polish drops and smoothing balm to smooth and de-humidify your hair when you style. If you can embrace your natural waves. You can let it dry naturally then take a iron and wrap a few pieces to make it look more finished.

Have a Great Hair Day!

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Donna Kniss @ Salon Tranquility & Spa

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  1. I absolutely love the suggestions! I’ve gone with a style similar to the Victoria Beckham picture, but without the coloring.

    I think I may go all the way & do the first photo. I can’t wait! I’ll send a picture when I get my hair cut!

  2. Being a mum myself to 2 young children, know what it is like to want an easy to care for hairstyle, I find my hair never looks good or sits well when it is too long, as it is so fine. I love the 2nd hairstyle the most, I find my hair will go like that as it has a natural wave.

    The short modern style is quite funky too! I think either would look great on Nikki.

  3. Nikki » I’m so excited you like these Nikki! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and YES, please send a follow-up picture so we can see 🙂 Thanks and here’s to good hair days! xo