Erin wrote in that she needs some hair help! Here’s what she says:

Hi Tammy,
I am a sahm with a 3 year old son and a 5 month old daughter. I have very fine hair (but a lot of it), and it’s kinky in texture, many people have asked if I am growing out a perm, that’s how gross it is. I used to have a very heavy bang which is starting to grow out, but looks like a heavy mop on the top of mg head. I have a weird forehead so I like to keep some sort of fringe. As for length, I am overweight and don’t want to look like my head is really tiny. I need some real help!!!

Thanks for writing in Erin! If you are concerned with the texture, I’d recommended a keratin hair treatment (this guide will help you decide which one is best for you). Many brands offer formulas that are safe for pregnant and nursing moms. They help relax the texture so you have better control over your hair with the added bonus of shine! These treatments can last up to 3 months. You can also use some of the great anti-frizz drugstore products that help tame your locks! I have very textured hair in the back of my head but the rest is very straight. I understand the “growing out a perm” comment!

I asked Donna Kniss of Salon Tranquility to step in and help with the answer for a cut and color.

Hello Erin,

First of all, you are adorable, but I know what the stress of having a baby and a few extra pounds does to our self-image. I cut my hair super crazy short after both my kids (no I didn’t learn my lesson the first time) It was horrid, and I was 80 pounds heavier than I am now.

You have a great shaped face & beautiful eyes, I love fringe or even a full bang around the face. It balances our face and softens our features a bit.

I would recommend a medium length cut, don’t be afraid of shorter lengths, a cut that has a little a-line in the front (below the chin), will give your face length. If you have fullness around the jaw, make sure you don’t cut your hair at the jaw. It will only create more fullness.

I included two pictures with varied length but same concept. The longer one I like, but you can add a bang too.

Jessica Biel’s hair is amazing in this photo. LOVE the highlights if you are looking for a subtle color change.

Have a Great Hair Day,
Donna Kniss @ Salon Tranquility & Spa

Erin, please let us know if you make a change! We’d love to see!

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  1. I feel Erin’s pain in that after giving birth to both of my children, my hair started to fall out around my hairline (which is common because hormones are surging still) and I still had some baby weight left to lose so I wasn’t keen on getting a pixie cut. I found a great local hairdresser, had her assess the damage and she layered my cut at the crown of my head so that my curls were bouncier, which brought less attention to the baby fine hairs that were left. Erin can always get a shorter cut and then take Biotine (Biotene) vitamins for hair and nail growth, which should give her healthier hair in a few short months.

  2. Sarah, send in your picture and concerns! One of my fabulous stylists will reply with a recommendation in a post 🙂