What is “Mom Fashion” Anyway?

Mom Fashion does not have to be frumpy, baggy, dated or dirty!  In fact, I encourage you to take the pledge to help bring up the status of “mom fashion” to chic and fabulous!  Who’s with me?

I pledge to not be frumpy!

I pledge to dress every day in a cute outfit that fits me well!

I pledge to read up on the trends and incorporate them into my look each season.

I pledge to leave my sweats and tees in my closet unless I am working out.

I pledge to wear heels several times a week.

I pledge to discover and embrace my personal style.

I pledge to care about how I look.

I pledge to encourage others to look their best.

Together we can make a difference in how the world views “mom fashion”.  Let’s go from frumpy to fabulous!

Monday: Let’s run some errands! Converse denim skirt from Target, orange slouchy tee from Nectar Clothing, Woodstock Necklace from Twisted Silver, wedge heels from Wanted Shoes.

Tuesday: Out with the kids! Capri pants, Jennifer Lopez collection embellished tank from Kohl’s, handbag from JB and Me.

Wednesday: Treat time! Black capri leggings, cowl neck dress from Marshalls. Earrings are Simply Vera Vera Wang.  Black patent heels finished the look off.

Thursday: Music Lessons!  Who doesn’t love to bang on the drums?? My favorite summer dress is ready for cooler weather with a simple cardigan in a great color!  Dress is Elle, cardigan is from Target, wedge sandals are from Marshalls.  Compass Necklace from Twisted Silver- fabulous but not yet available.

Friday: Casual but not boring!  Jennifer Lopez collection jeans, embellished tank from Cabi and Abbey Dawn heels from JustFab.

close up: Abbey Dawn Rockstar Shoe

What mom fashion is in your closet?  Send me a picture or post it on Facebook or Twitter!

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  1. kristi says:

    hmmmm, alot of those ARE frumpy and boring. sorry….

  2. Tammy Gibson says:

    kristi » I guess we have different ideas of frumpy. To me, it means ill-fitting, sweats or dated clothes. What is your definition of style vs frumpy?

  3. Larry G says:

    I don’t see anything frumpy or boring in those pictures. If you want to see frumpy or boring just go to any school at kid pick up time, frumpy and boring runs rampant as each mom gets out of the car. Stylish is color, variety and attitude-all of which you have and is readily seen in each picture.

  4. Yoshi says:

    Frumpy is not what the pictures depict. Taking a gander over on Urban Dictionary the term Frumpy has two meanings, the first is “A female with lack of concern for appearance. Often characterized by sweatpants, frizzy hair, gramma panties and a paisty complexion”.

    No where in that description shows her with a lack of concern for appearance due to dressing in sweatpants, frizzy hair, or even a paisty complexion. The second term would be, “A vampire-penguin who lives in antartica”. Please give me a accurate depiction of this so called Vampire-Penguin and I’ll retract my statement.


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