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I cant seem to find the right hair color that suits me!! I currently wear hair extensions because I used to be platinum blonde and ruined my hair so I have a lot of breakage. I then died my hair dark brown and felt so self conscious and ugly it really didn’t suit me, my natural skin color without the suns help is olive! My eye color is green and My natural hair color and eye brows are a mousey brown ( I have bleached eyebrows in the attached photos as I’m currently a honey blonde) I like being blonde but I’m looking for a naturally looking color as I do like blonde on myself but I need it to be more natural for my modelling and besides growing my hair out to get it back to its dark blonde mousey brown color I don’t know what to do for the meantime? What would honey blonde, mocha and caramel highlights look like on me? My current color is a bit orange-y yellow and I would really appreciate any help you could give me?

Thanks a lot!

Happy New Year, Sarah!  Are you ready to start working towards a new look?  You are definitely on the right track!  Even though your overall coloring and features would look great with dark hair, if you are used to being a blonde (especially very light) it can be shocking and even quite emotional to go dark all at once.  And unfortunately, as you learned, quite stressful on the hair to go light again.  Chronic color chameleons in Hollywood include Drew Barrymore, Jessica Alba, Ashlee Simpson, Julia Roberts and Lindsay Lohan…and most of these ladies are no strangers to extensions, especially to maintain long, blonde styles.

Other stars, who are well-known as blondes, have made drastic changes and gone back ASAP.  Examples include Cameron Diaz, Blake Lively, Reese Witherspoon and Renee Zellweger.  On the other end of the spectrum, Kim Kardashian lightened her trademark raven locks to a highlighted blonde look, but was back to (nearly) black within a few weeks.

Back to Sarah: I think your idea of different colored highlights and lowlights is the exact right way to go! You may want to start with honey and caramel tones, working your way darker if you still wish to. Anything that is deeper and warmer will make your green eyes pop, and the varied tones give layers extra dimension.  Just be careful with your extensions; depending on the method, it can be tricky to work in lowlights without them looking stripy.  See this post on Hollywood Secret’s Hair Extensions for an example of a natural-looking blend.  Honey, caramel and mocha lowlights have helped several starlets find a happy medium!

Here’s hoping that the New Year brings you a New Look, some new work, and many other wonderful things!

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