I admittedly have not been a fan of Miley Cyrus’ short, ultra-blonde hairstyle but when I saw her on the cover of the March 2013 Cosmo, I had a change of heart. This hair style rocks! You have to love short hair and be truly confident but if that’s you, this style could be your next look!

Angela Mupo of Evans & Co Salon in Redlands, California gives us all the details we’ll need to know when asking for this style at the salon:

CUT: Ask your stylist for a razor faux hawk cut. The best way to achieve this style is with a clipper cut on the sides. The key is to go very short (no bulk). Razor the top for extreme long wispy fringe, using a razor will cut the time in half without having to use shears and texturizing shears.

HAIR TYPE: Best on medium to thick, straight, wavy hair. If hair is thin and straight you will want to apply thickening lotions. (NOTE: if you have extreme curl and want to achieve this look a smoothing treatment like a Brazilian Blowout should be performed before or at time of cut.)

STYLING/PRODUCTS: Always start with a leave in conditioner: 7 seconds from UNITE is suited for ALL hair types apply to damp hair and rough dry hair until about 80% dry. A nickel-size amount of Blow-dry and volume lotion should be applied from roots to ends and with a flat paddle brush, start in the fringe area and wrap hair across your forehead and follow with your dryer. Wrap in both directions – from left to right and right to left – alternating every few seconds. (Note: If your hair has a little wave to it, don’t be afraid to use a brush with boar bristles to help add tension, straighten, and smooth.) Keep dryer at a downward angel to avoid creating flyways. Finish look with a wax or texture spray, it will give you that texture, shine and hold without the greasiness of a pomade or stiffness of a hairspray.

More Miley:

What do you think? Is Miley Cyrus’ faux-hawk the right cut for you?

If you do make the cut, I WANT TO SEE! Please post it on Facebook so I can see how you ROCK it!

Contributed by:
Angela Mupo
Evans & Co Salon
Redlands, Ca

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