How To Do a Mermaid Braid

mermaid braids

mermaid braids

A mermaid braid is a long, thick, chunky braid; it’s a little loose and very romantic. This hairstyle can only be done on long, thick hair. If you love it, but don’t have enough hair…don’t fret! Clip-in extensions can be added to add some “oomph” to your mermaid braid!
In this video for, I will show you how to make your very own mermaid braids.

How to: Mermaid Braids — powered by ehow
  • Separate the hair into two even sections, with a small piece from the middle (between the braids) left out
  • Create two classic, inward braids out of the large sections. Keep the braids low to the neck, and close to the center/back of the head. Secire each braid with a small hair elastic
  • They do not have to be perfect, but the sections should be as even as possible
  • Loosen each braid slightly by pulling on the loops
  • Use the piece of hair that was left out of the braids, to weave the two braids together. Secure the end of this piece and both braids, with a hair elastic. You can now remove the hair elastics you used to secure each braid
  • Alternative/advanced technique: Aim each braid towards one side, and complete the same process so that the finished result lays over the shoulder
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