Your Name: Thevaki Thambirajah Chrzanowski – Known generally with my business as Thevaki Thambirajah

How many children do you have? 2 (17 month twin girls) & married for 4 years

Your Business Name: THEVI

Brief Description of Your Business:
THEVI Cosmetics is a unique line because it targets the New Ethnic Market – every light-to-dark skinned woman of Asian, South Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean descent to whom color is important in all of her surroundings. THEVI Cosmetics is a sleek modern line of cosmetics in rich and vibrant shades celebrating color in lifestyles and traditions.

When do you make time to run a business with your busy MOM schedule?

I currently have a babysitter for part of the daytime so that I can attend meetings. Otherwise I primarily work during naptimes and evenings after the babies have gone to sleep.

What is your favorite beauty tip?

As a busy mom, looking fresh with little time is important. I have introduced a perfect product for this use – THEVI Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation SPF 15 which I use as a concealer and foundation. It drys with a powder finish. I dab it under my eyes and around my cheeks for a quick “fresh” look.

What did your mother teach you about beauty and fashion? Your inner beauty and positive outlook affect your skin & energy. This inner glow makes your skin and appearance. Take care of your skin. My mom religiously uses home remedies as facials – yogurt, lemon & egg!

What beauty/fashion tips will you be sure to share with your daughter, niece or neighbor girl as she grows?
I strongly feel that we need to teach how to be comfortable with our bodies. As an ethnic woman, I have always have problems finding clothes that fit. I would encourage young women to learn to find clothes that fit their body shape and not to conform to the “standards” of sizes. Learning how to choose clothes that work with you shape and playing with color to express your personality is a valuable lesson and prevents frustrations at the store.

What is your favorite outfit in your closet and why?

Orange sheath dress – perfect color against my skin and classic cut for my body type. I always seem to get complements!

What’s your favorite online site to shop for beauty or fashion?
A dress designer in NYC Kathlin Argiro has a wonderful selection for dresses especially for the curvy woman. Her dresses are quite reasonable and beautiful! Designer dress at affordable prices! Her online site is:

What motivates you to look your best?
Looking my best makes me feel energized and feel put together while trying to manage a crazy day with twins, work & marriage.

As a mom, “Me Time” is limited… what are your time saving beauty tips?
Hair – don’t wash your hair everyday – I generally wash and style only -2-3 times of week. With a good hair product, it holds the shape and I just add a headband, clip or scarf as a change of look on the days I don’t wash.

Name one product you can’t live without:
Black eyeliner

Heels or flats? Describe your favorite pair.

Heels – black high heel boots!

Lip gloss or Lip Stick? Which brand/color?

Lip stick – Thevi Ripe Fig or Drama

Any additional comments on beauty and style you’d like to share:

Accessories are the cheapest way of changing your look – add a scarf, unique earrings, or a new hair clip. It will definitely keep your look fresh and elegant. I play with my lipstick & blush colors to complement my new accessory!

Editor’s Comments:  Ok, anyone else dying to try THEVI Cosmetics?  The Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation sounds amazing!  Perfect for someone like myself who doesn’t really like powder and hasn’t found a mineral makeup that I actually love!  If you want to give it a try, you can order a sample size for only $2.00!  How convenient is that?!

Thevaki, thank you for sharing your tips and favorite products with us.  I love your tip about accessories being a great (and inexpensive) way to spruce up an outfit!

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