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Have you had a week where one day is full of blessings and the next is crazy chaos? Of course you have, you are a mom.

My week has been like that. Well, the last two days, actually. Yesterday I was able to bless a family and enjoy some girl time, followed by a hair appointment to get my color and cut fresh for the Christmas season.

Today, a different story unfolded. If you’ve been watching the news about the San Bernardino shootings, that is what caused my day to change course.

This incident is too close to home.

My kids’ school is just a few miles away from where it occurred. My kids were in a school wide lockdown since lunchtime. At first, I wasn’t too concerned. The staff had it under control and the danger was not too near. However, as time passed, the suspects, and the police chase, made their way in the direction of the school. Rumors on social media led us to believe there was gunfire a half mile away (later determined by the police department not to be true). My friend was picking up her kids and took my kids too. I was so relieved to have them home. The rest of the day has been spent staying home, and close to each other. We texted friends and classmates to make sure everyone got home safely.

This hit close, too close.  Our kids should not have to grow up in a world where they have lockdowns at school!

The world needs more kindness, less hate. More giving, less taking.

Which brings me back to yesterday and my opportunity to bless a family, thanks to Marshalls.

Marshalls asked me to surprise a friend with Christmas shopping spree (provided by Marshalls). They also sent a gift card for me. Such a blessing but I wanted to do more so I chose to give the second card to another family. Can I just say, the experience was amazing. I’m pretty sure I was more blessed by the experience than they were! It wasn’t about me but it sure was a nice bonus!

Thank you Marshalls!

Here is the picture of one mom receiving the gift card (I sent her husband on a mission to capture the moment on camera. He did a great job, I love her expression!):


This family just came back to the States after serving as missionaries for 7 years. The transition has had it’s challenges, I didn’t want stressing over Christmas gifts to be one of them. She wasn’t able to shop with me but I am excited to hear about her shopping experience!

The other family has had their share of challenges as well. I knew the gift would be appreciated. It was. See for yourself:

Isn’t her response sweet? And, her son who told her to say “thank you” when she didn’t know what to say?! Heart melting!

Marshalls is a great place to shop this Christmas season. You will find home goods, holiday decor, clothes for the whole family, toys, shoes, jewelry, pet items and yes, Darth Vader!

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I loved watching the shopping cart fill up and knowing that it was a blessing to her family!


Seriously, there is a gift in that store for every person on your list!

Even 11 year old girls are excited to shop at Marshalls…

This is a video of my daughter with her friend. It is totally spontaneous and taken on their way to get their nails done as a birthday treat. Hilarious, right? “We can get Christmas pillows!” Yes, yes you can get Christmas pillows at Marshalls. My daughter ended up getting a super soft blanket that she snuggles in every night!

I hope this has inspired you to think of ways that you can bless someone else this Christmas season! While you may bot be able to give them a generous gift card, you can pick up an extra gift while out shopping, buy a coffee for the person behind you in the drive-thru or buy groceries for the homeless man you see all the time on the off-ramp. Let’s be generous. Let’s be kind. This world is desperately in need of love.

My challenge to you is to SURPRISE someone who will truly be blessed by your generosity this season.  Small acts of kindness can change someone’s life and heart!  Trust me, it will be a two-way blessing.

Merry Christmas!

Love, Tammy


P.S. I just want to thank Marshalls one more time for their generosity!  Also, thank you to Erica for her help in planning the surprise and Christi for watching the little one while we shopped. It takes a village to pull off a good surprise!


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