I met the most delightful person last weekend at a business convention. She has great style, a cute shape and a ton of energy! I found out why…Mambo Mania….

Isn’t Jessica adorable??  Jessica’s mom, Clarita is just as gorgeous, energetic and fun as Jessica. Go to MamboMania.net to check out this clip of Mambo Mania to see what I mean.

Did you watch? Are you inspired? I want to move like that!  So sexy!

I love that you can do this workout at home and the kids can join you! Since I homeschool my kids and work from home, it’s expensive to pay childcare, pay for gym membership and drive to the gym (cost of gas…$4 a gallon?!) for a workout.  An at-home option is so much better!

Order Mambo Mania now and begin sizzling away those pounds!

Now, if I did have the time and money to go to the gym, I’d want to go to Clarita’s gym, Personal Best in San Pedro, California.  Wow, a fitness center with massage therapy, chiropractic care, an integrated medical spa, dermatologist and more?? NICE!  If you are in their area, for sure check them out…and report back to me how amazing it is! Contact them at (310) 548-5984.

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