8 Ways to Make a Positive First Impression

8 Ways to Make a Positive First Impression | amominredhighheels.com

Do you know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you are about to meet a potential client? You want to share your business with her because you know how much it can help her but you can’t help but feel a little afraid of blowing the opportunity.  How can you make a good first impression when you feel so nervous?

I am going to share with you several ways you can earn the trust and business of new clients. This also applies to finding new JV partners or pitching your business to an investor. It begins with the first three seconds of your meeting.

When you step out your front door each day, you are telling the world what to expect from you without even speaking. You might be saying, “I’m tired. I’m unorganized. I’m always late.” OR, you might be saying, “I’ve got it together! I’m a professional! I take care of myself and I am able to help you with your needs too!”

Which message would you prefer to send?

8 Ways to Make a Positive First Impression | amominredhighheels.com

Right,  the second one. A potential client is more likely to give you their business if you appear approachable.  Since 3 seconds is ultra-fast, you don’t have time for the client to get to know you before they make a snap decision about you.

Here 8 simple tips to help you give off a confident, positive first impression.

  1. Look the part! People WANT to do business with someone who is put together and rocks her own personal style! Discovering your personal style will help edit your closet so that EVERYTHING in it will look amazing on you!
  2. Stand Tall! Good posture helps in so many ways! It helps you breathe easier, look taller AND thinner and immediately puts you in a better frame of mind. Have you noticed how depressed people walk? Their head is down, shoulders slumped. They look defeated. Check your posture and make sure you don’t give off the impression that you are feeling blue.
  3. Check Your Attitude! If you ARE feeling down and distracted, SNAP out of it quickly! You have the power to change your mood instantly. Make a choice to be positive and someone who is a joy to be around.
  4. Smile! It tells the world that you are pleasant and inviting of conversation. As a bonus, studies prove that smiling makes you appear younger!  Plus, one in two Americans is most likely to remember a person’s smile more than any other feature after a first meeting. (source AACD)
  5. Shake Hands Firmly. Your handshake is one of the first non-verbal clues we give about our overall personality. Shake firmly and with confidence to give the best impression.
  6. Make Eye Contact: When you make eye contact with someone, it shows interest. Potential clients definitely want to feel that you are interested and care about them.
  7. Repeat their name during your first conversation. This builds instant rapport! People LOVE to hear their name being used and it will help commit their name to your memory. Use it right after introduction, as in, “Nice to meet you Bonnie!” so you don’t have to ask them to repeat their name, which would send a message that you didn’t care enough to hear it the first time.
  8. Use enthusiasm when speaking. Practice being enthusiastic by reading out loud to your kids (or to yourself) and using a high level of energy and enthusiasm. It is so wonderful to meet someone who exudes enthusiasm, isn’t it? You WANT people to remember you for your enthusiasm! “Hi, Nice to meet you” is so much less memorable than, “Bonnie, it is SO Wonderful to meet you! How is your day going?”

It is time to stop hiding and avoiding networking events, one-on-one meetings or video production because you don’t feel like your personal presentation is “pitch perfect?”

Use these tips to make those 3 seconds work in your favor!

STYLE is more than just the clothes on your back and the heels on your feet! Your personal appearance, non-verbal communication and mindset set the foundation for how you present yourself to the world.

Love, Tammy


Tammy Gibson, A Mom in Red High Heels

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