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Are you a blogger who is tired of working long hours creating free content and making little money?

Taking your blog beyond free content into a profit making machine is possible if you treat it like a real business instead of a hobby.  (I’ll explain how below)

A little extra cash to help pay some family bills is a blessing.

An income that can replace a job’s paycheck is a possibility!

Whatever your goal is, it is time to get started!

After 8 years of successful blogging at, I’ve learned some things stay the same (like great content is key!), but a lot of things have changed. Advertising revenue has diminished and writing sponsored posts is at best sporadic. That is why I’m making some important changes.

I’m going to transform my work the right way…the proven way, starting with the Bloggers MBA program. It’s a DIY online course that Kate, of Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily fame, created. It’s a 6 week course with easy to follow step-by-step how-tos that will help you take your blog from a hobby to a business. I’m really excited about this program and couldn’t wait to share it with you!

The most exciting part of the course to me is that of e-product development.  To take your blog and your expertise to the next level, you need to sell something.  Create a product that your audience will love and sell it to them! This could be a downloadable calendar, an e-book or a 6-week online course about your topic of choice.  It can range in price from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars.

Every blogger needs to create their own additional streams of income outside of advertising.  

When done right, e-products can be total game changers. They can help you grow your readership, engage with them better, and ultimately help you get a few more zeros added to your balance in your bank account.

  • Christina from Hair Romance, created her first eProduct about 9-months in to her blogging career, and within about 6-months of that her traffic and income had grown so quickly she was able to start blogging full time (she now has multiple eBooks, AND is a real book on the New York Times Best Seller list!). (source)
  • Nikki from Styling You has also had lots of success with her own eBook, which then also got turned into a real book (both of which helped her really connect with and grow her audience), and she has now also launched her own online store which is going gangbusters! (source)
  • Kat from The Organised Housewife, has a whole massive store of downloadable printables for sale, Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim has an eCourse, and an amazingly successful app (plus 100 other things, that woman is amazing!). (source)

Last December, I purchased Secret Bloggers Business program (now called Bloggers MBA).  The program is so down to earth and simple to follow.  It is the e-product (one of many) that Kate created.  She has done the work and knows how to walk us through the process. She does an amazing job of giving examples and step-by-step how-tos that help you take your blog from hobby to business.  I am working my way back through the 6-week course with focus on creating the e-product.

Kate breaks the process of creating an e-product down into simple steps:

  • What is an e-product
  • How to make an e-product that will grow your list
  • How to create an e-book and make it look pro
  • What to do if your e-product flops (guess I am not alone in this!)
  • Plus a bonus section and a checklist to help you through the process.

Sounds easy to follow right? It is. Kate also has some brilliant tools to share that make your product fun and pretty!

Since advertising is unstable and inconsistent, at best, the solution to create income on your blog is an e-product.  Once this is created and available for purchase, it becomes what is known as passive income. Money coming in while you sleep, as they say.  Of course, you still have to do your marketing and continue to create great free content but once it is created, you are free to check your bank account for sales each morning. If you have an existing tribe that loves your work, this will happen faster than if you have to build your community.

Are you interested in creating an e-product with me?  Leave a comment below and let me know what you are going to work on.  Saying it out loud (or typing it for the public to see) makes it real and gets you excited and feeling supported.

I’ve followed a lot (a LOT) of online business coaches, invested in more than a handful and I love Kate’s approach the best of all of them because she is a blogger who gets the profession of blogging.  You can learn more about it on  (FYI, you’ll learn much more than just e-product development, as you’ll see when you click over to her site).

It’s time to turn your dreams and plans into reality!

Wishing you success!


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