From Lug Soles to Riding Boots: 8 Ways to Store Your Shoes
Women have at least 15 pairs of footwear from flats, flip-flops and sneakers to pumps, high heels, lug soles, combat and riding boots. It’s hard to keep up with storing, especially when you have limited space at home. What’s great about organizing your shoes is that you’re not only keeping them clean, but you also get all your creative juices flowing.

So how can you store your shoes instead of just leaving them near your front door? Here are awesome ways to do that:

1. Create a unique shoe rack outside your doorstep for shoes that are meant for laborious work like gardening or hiking. You can use coat pegs which are usually attached to the wall. Instead of coats, hang your work or rain boots, sneakers and slippers.

From Lug Soles to Riding Boots: 8 Ways to Store Your Shoes

2. When you have a long staircase, you can put each pair of shoes at every step. Stack them on one side so as not to risk anyone from tripping. This makes a convenient idea when you have kids or young adults at home. Assign them on one or several steps so they take responsibility of their shoes.

3. Get yourself a shoe organizer which you can hang on the door, wall divider, or inside your cabinet. These hanging shoe organizers are usually made of clear plastic so you can easily see what’s inside every compartment. However, because such hanging organizers are made with light material and space is very limited, you can only put flats, slippers and sandals in them.

4. Looking for an extra space for your shoe collection? Try under the bed! If you’re on a budget, just put each pair in its respective box and easily store them under that empty space. Just put them near the edges so it’s easy for you to get your shoes when you need them.

From Lug Soles to Riding Boots: 8 Ways to Store Your Shoes

5. Feeling a little bit more organized? Transfer each pair in a transparent shoe box. It would be better if the boxes are in uniform size so these will look great when you stack them together in one place. Get your Instax camera, shoot each pair, then attach the instant photo on its corresponding box. This way, it’s easy for you to know which shoes you’re looking for.

6. If you love chic and clever storage spaces at home, use rattan or wicker baskets with cover. Pick one that’s just about 4-6 inches in height so you will not be tempted to stack pairs of shoes one after the other. These baskets can be placed under a long center table or just as added decor to the living room.

7. You’re one lucky girl if you have a walk-in closet for all your wardrobe and accessories. Devote one shelf to house all your shoes. One trick here is to make sure you display each pair in opposite directions to save space. Boots and sneakers should be placed at the bottom, everyday essentials at the middle shelves and high heels and pumps on top.

sFrom Lug Soles to Riding Boots: 8 Ways to Store Your Shoes
8. Do you have limited edition, designer shoes? Don’t just keep them inside your closet. Flaunt this work of art by putting it on floating shelves. These shelves are usually used for books, but now you can put your most treasured shoes on them. After all, any work of art is usually expensive so it should be displayed and admired.

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