Fall is a season rich in textures, in nature and in fashion. A variety of fabrics are available in fall styles: Tweed, denim, and a personal favorite, leather!With many options available, it’s important to understand what is on-trend and works for you, and what doesn’t, so you can save spend your money wisely when shopping. The 3 textures I am sharing can work in your casual and professional lives.Tweed: medium-to-heavy weight, rough in surface texture, typically of mixed flecked colors. Be careful of tweed as it can make you look mature beyond your years (ahem, old). Look for details that give tweed a modern look. This gorgeous tweed coat is trimmed in leather piping, which gives it that modern update.

This jacket will make any outfit look more polished, from weekend jeans to work week pencil skirts.

Modern tweed is sold at TJ Maxx

Denim: a sturdy cotton twill fabric now available in many fashionable colors. For fall, consider dark denim (the most elegant looking), black or gray. If you are opting for colored denim, wear muted hues. I wore these jeans in last week’s post: Get the Most Out of Your Wardrobe with Versatile Pieces

The darker the denim, the more appropriate it is for work.

Denim for fall sold at TJ Maxx

Leather: a durable and flexible material created by the tanning of animal rawhide and skin. Leather is soft, luxurious and will last for many, many years. If you prefer to go “kind to the animals,” Vegan Leather is a great option. It looks like leather but is made of synthetic material (also known as pleather). Whichever you prefer, you’ll want to incorporate it into your fall wardrobe ASAP!

Leather is everywhere this fall! Shoes, handbags and clothing can be paired with your existing pieces to give your look an updated style. If you don’t like the leather jacket look, try leather pants or dresses and jackets that are detailed with leather. A little leather goes a long way!

Leather skirts, handbags and heels all work for your professional wardrobe. Entrepreneurs, creatives and casual office employees can work in more leather for work.

Find leather looks for fall at TJ Maxx

I found this amazing faux leather jacket and T.J. Maxx and loved it for it’s gorgeous textures, hardware and surprise inside lining.

Find leather looks for fall at TJ Maxx

Find leather looks for fall at TJ Maxx

Fall Fashion available at TJ Maxx

I love pairing edgy chic pieces with lady-like styles for a perfect balance of who I am. This dress and jacket combo is going to be rotated frequently in my closet this fall!

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No look is complete without good hair. Good hair comes from a good blowout (learn how: DIY Bombshell Blowout) and the right tools. Without them, it’s like a spectacular party dress worn with flats. It’s just not going to say “perfection!”

Save money and time by picking up your hairstyling tools at T.J. Maxx while you shop for your fall fashion! They offer a variety of brushes, blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons and hair accessories!

Hair tools available at TJ Maxx

Now that you know about the hottest textures for fall fashion, you’ll save money when shopping because you won’t end up with items that just won’t work for your fall wardrobe. You can also save money by getting the latest trends at a great price at T.J. Maxx! You’ll find designer brands and the most popular looks at great prices!


Expressing yourself through fashion, and knowing how to put together a great look—at great value, is what being a Maxxinista is all about. At T.J.Maxx you can score the unexpected to make your own personal style statement. Here’s to rockin’ your real deal.

Compensation was provided by T.J.Maxx via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of T.J.Maxx.

Love, Tammy


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