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How many times have you said, “I hate my hair!”?I know what a heavy topic hair can be for women.  I’ve lived through PLENTY of “bad color” and cuts that just weren’t “me.”  I have many stories and have left salon after salon for many years.  I know I am not alone in this type of pain and frustration.

Your hair is as important to your overall appearance as the clothes on your back.  How your hair looks, the message it conveys, tells people how you feel about yourself.  It can send a message saying, “I’m worth spending time on” or it can say, “Don’t even bother.”  Which message do you want to share about yourself?  Whatever it is, people will follow your lead!

Is your hair representing what you really want people to know about you? If your hairstyle is the same as it was 15 years ago, it’s time for an update so you can appear relevant and modern.

If you are a business owner you need to consider your hair as a part of your business branding.  If your hairstyle is edgy and colorful, does it represent your business and brand correctly or should you tone it down a bit?  Or, maybe you have the opposite problem: Your hair is ho-hum but your business is creative and energetic.  Get your hair in a place that represents you as a brand.

The goal is for your appearance, including your hair, to look effortless, fabulous and feel comfortable to you so you feel 100% authentic.

Here are some resources that will help you with a variety of hair issues you may have and wish to overcome:

  • Have you ever wanted to go blonde (or blonder), and been told it would be too harsh on your hair?
  • Have you ever had a conditioning treatment that felt good when you left the salon, but was back to normal in a few days?
  • Has your hair been damaged by color, bleach, perms, straighteners, blow-drying, or heat-styling? (Or all of the above??)
  • Does your hair show signs of aging, such as being coarse, brittle and difficult to manage?

Learn how Olaplex could change your life. (OK…well, it can definitely change your hair!)

Do you have curly or wavy hair and want to tame the frizz?  There are keratin hair treatments that make your life easier!  Not all are created equal so this handy guide is going to give you it to you straight from the chair of an experienced hair stylist, Jordana Lorraine:

The Most Comprehensive Guide To Formaldehyde-Free Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatment Alternatives

If you are pregnant, you are going to want to read this one:

The Truth: Can I Have a Keratin Treatment While Pregnant?

After you receive a keratin hair treatment, it’s important to take care of it properly to make sure it lasts as long as possible!

Can I Use a Budget Shampoo On My Keratin Treated Hair?

We are busy women!  With all the running around, quick-drying, rough brushing, pool swimming, gnarly ponytailing, and other things we don’t like to admit that we do, our hair is not always in the best of shape.  Do your ends need a sign that reads, “WARNING: Fire Hazard”?

Discover The END of Split Ends

If it is color inspiration you are looking for, check out these posts for the most popular hues featured on A Mom in Red High Heels. Rule of color: If you decide to do it, maintain it. Gray hairs and root growth need to be covered.

How to go from Brunette to Platinum without Damaging Your Hair

You’ll “Dye” For These Hair Colors

A hair cut is very personal and you should consider your lifestyle, time to invest every day, hair texture and face shape.  Here are some favorites:

Low Maintenance Shoulder Length Bob

Remove length, add layers for a fresh updated look

Use These Tips to Achieve Perfect Hair Days

Love your cut and color but you just want to learn some tips for creating new styles to wear each day, these resources are for you!

How to create an easy, chic wavy bob

How to create a sleek, low ponytail

How to create the Pony Twist

How to Create a Party Twist Updo

How to Create the 5 Minute Chignon

How To Do a Waterfall Braid

More styling tips:

5 Tips to Make Your Blowout Last

How to Camouflage Bad Bangs

DIY Bombshell Blowout

For more inspiration, check out the Hair Help section on A Mom in Red High Heels.
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