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It’s important how you present yourself. The bottom line is, your outward appearance is how you represent yourself when you are face-to-face with the world. When you are a business owner, how you personally look is how your brand looks. YOU represent your BRAND.

As a business owner and professional, you want to make sure that your personal image exudes the same message that you want your business to convey. You need to be purposeful about how you dress. How you look is important for your brand to be accepted and successful. What message are you advertising?

As you did for your business website, consider for yourself what your personal tagline is. What communicates the authentic you? What key phrase would you say defines who you are as a brand? What is your energy, you passion, your goal, your inner style? I believe that your business brand (or corporate brand) needs to match your personality so that you can accurately and confidently build your success on a solid foundation. If you are floundering with who you are and what you represent, your business will as well.

And while your style is extremely personal and constantly evolving, you need to make sure it is congruent with your business brand.

Even if you are an employee of someone else, you are still your own one-person business and you represent who you are by your actions, how you talk and yes, what you look like.

Three seconds. Three seconds is all the time you have to make a first impression. A first impression can define you (whether you like it or not!)

When you step out your front door each day, you are telling the world what to expect from you without even speaking.  You might be saying, “I’m tired. I’m unorganized. I’m always late.”  OR, you might be saying, “I’ve got it together! I’m a professional!  I take care of myself and I am able to help you with your needs too!”

Which message would you prefer to send?

Here are some helpful tips to get your style story on brand with who you are:

If you want your clothes to look good on your body, you must understand it’s shape and what styles look best on you.  Get those tips here:

Learn Your Body Type and How To Dress It Well

Always feeling frumpy or unsure about what to buy when shopping? Learn your style personality to make shopping easier!

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Frustrated with morning routines taking too long? If you are standing in your closet wondering what to wear, it’s time to get organized!

Join Team Red and receive a free guide to Closet Cleaning 101: How to Finally Get Organized (and love your closet again!)

Ever wonder why some women just seem to get ahead in everything they do and they look good while doing it?  You can do it too!

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Do you leave the house feeling drained, frustrated and frazzled? If getting dressed is sucking the good energy out of you, it’s time for a better way!

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As a business woman you don’t get to sit behind the computer all day! It’s time to get out in the world and network!  Here’s what to wear:

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What to Wear When You Meet New Clients

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The fundamentals of style begin with your undergarments. When you wear proper fitting bras and panties, you have smooth lines and a great foundation for your top layers. Read this to learn what should be in your intimates wardrobe:

The Fundamentals of Style

Your shoes matter too! A lot, in fact.  Proper fitting footwear is essential to help you look and feel effortlessly fabulous!  These resources will help you find the right fit and look:

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Jewelry matters too, of course!

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Shop beautifully crafted, gorgeous, finely-detailed and affordable pieces that work with your life and style.

For more inspiration and how-to’s, check out the Fashion Files on A Mom in Red High Heels.

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