If you need further motivation to lose weight, how about this…. you gain a new wardrobe!  One lucky mom that I know gets to do just that!  Read on….

Amy is a mom of 2 boys. She is a homeschool teacher and works from home. She recently met a weightloss goal and is ready to celebrate by doing one of my favorite things, shopping! I asked Amy if I could put together some ideas for her shopping trip. She agreed! This is going to be fun!

I had Amy answer a few questions to help me understand her desires and budget.

1. Why are you shopping for new clothes this month? I have recently met a weight loss goal and my clothes are all baggy on me…even my smallest jeans are too big (6’s).

2. How long has it been since you’ve shopped for yourself? Please explain if it’s been more than a season. I haven’t bought any new clothes since last November because I’ve been waiting to lose my weight. I don’t normally buy a lot at once. I usually pick up a few things here and there as I see things I like or that are on sale. At the beginning of the seasons I try to get a few staples that can be mixed and matched.

3. What do you consider wardrobe basics? Jeans/pants (casual and more dressy), tops (I am willing to get more creative here, both for casual and dressier), and an outfit or two I can wear on stage at church. For me cute, casual outfits for around the house are also a necessity for me since 80% of my time is spent at home. I work at home and homeschool. I go to the gym 4-5 times a week. We don’t get out on dates very often (1-2 times a month). But I do need some cute things for church on Sundays.

4. What is the highest pair of heels in your closet and how often do they get worn? The tallest I have are 3-inch heels. I am a bit of a klutz so I prefer not to go too high and they aren’t practical for me because I would not wear them very often because I don’t dress up very often (a couple of times a year). I do like the look of heels with jeans. During the week I am pretty much at home or at the gym. We are homebodies.

5. What items are you hoping to buy for yourself on your next shopping trip? I have a trip to Maui coming up in May so I’d like to get a few things for that and I’d like some jeans that fit really well and some tops to wear for spring. I’d like to maybe get a new bathing suit and a summer dress or two for nights in Maui.

6. What is your budget for that shopping trip? $300 – I have $100 in cash, $100 in gift cards to Kohl’s and $100 Visa gift card I can use anywhere.

I can totally relate to Amy.  I homeschool and work from home too.  I live a pretty casual life as well.  However, I “warned” Amy that I was going to throw in the mix some pieces that might make her feel uncomfortable initially but if she gives these things a try, she’ll most likely find that she loves the idea of stretching her comfort level and she has lost none of the comfort!  This I call, “Increasing Your Style Quotient.”

I started with her Kohl’s budget of $100.  If Amy works their amazing sales, Kohl’s Cash and other discounts frequently offered, she can probably pick up MANY of these pieces with her gift card.  I once purchased $250 worth of clothing for only $120 so work the system!

When selecting your wardrobe “basics” look for details that make each piece unique. “Basic” doesn’t have to mean plain, boring or neutral. Studs, asymmetrical lines and a pop of color will create interest for your look:


Straight Leg, dark denim Jeans-  the best “basic” style of jean.  A straight leg can be cuffed to show off fabulous shoes; worn with boots, heels or tennis shoes.  I personally love to wear mine cuffed to capri length.  The dark denim is more dressy and can actually be worn for dressier events when paired with the right top and heels

Colored Denim- You won’t be sacrificing comfort with a pair of colored jeans.  Purple is a great “neutral” with denim since it’s so close to blue.  Gorgeous for winter when paired with winter whites and softer pastels for spring.  Casual does not have to mean boring!  Adding a pop of color to your daily look will make you smile, I promise.  Try it!

Gray Flare Pants- dressier than blue denim but not as serious as black.  Gray goes with everything that black goes with but is more modern.  With Amy’s new body shape, she shouldn’t be hiding behind black.  (BTW, I am a TOTAL fan of black and believe it has a place in every wardrobe but stretching outside of black is important!)


Gray Tee– so much more than a basic t-shirt, the marble pattern and sleeve studs add interest and texture!  Pair this top with jeans (blue or white!), a jean skirt or a black pencil skirt for an edgy look. The dolman sleeves also add a creative feel but because it is full, be sure to pair it with narrow bottoms, not flare bottoms or full skirts.

Black Blazer- Agreed upon by readers on Facebook, a black blazer is a MUST!  It’s the easiest, chicest way to dress up your casual look.  Slip this on instead of a sweatshirt to run errands or over a dress for a perfect onstage layering piece in a chilly sanctuary.

Lace Trim Top- go ahead and add a girly touch to your basics.  It’s still a t-shirt…basic and casual.  You’ll still have the comfort and fit of a tee but the style is so much cuter!  This top will be adorable paired with jeans, shorts and simple skirts!  Plus, the lace will be a great detail to peek out from under your black blazer!  Definitely pile on colorful bracelets with this piece!

Floral Tee- I adore this top.  The design and cut is so feminine but the colors keep it cool enough that those who are less “girly” can still wear it.  This is another great piece to layer with since it has that lovely pop of color.  Wear alone or layered. Wear it over a long sleeve tee or a white button-up top, paired with denim or a pencil skirt and a single piece of cool jewelry for a great look!


Amy is shopping for wardrobe basics, not necessarily shoes.  She didn’t mention that her feet had shrunk (maybe they have?) but I thought it necessary to find a great wedge to show.  This wedge heel has such great color for the upcoming seasons!  And, a wedge is a great alternative to a flat. They have stability (unlike most heels) and many offer great padding for the feet.  I suggest Amy invest in a pair of wedge heels for spring and summer to show off her fabulous, fit legs and pair with those dark denim jeans!  A wedge heel can be worn for every day errands without feeling “too dressed up.”

I also think a mid-calf to knee length black boot with a small heel is absolutely essential. Worn with dresses, skirts, leggings, jeans and even shorts, a basic black boot is the most versatile footwear you can own!

While neither style would be considered “high heels,” I do want to remind you all that HEELS SHOULD NOT BE SAVED FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS! Neither should diamonds, perfume or lipstick. YOU are special so EVERY day is special!

These basics from Kohl’s will be a great start to rebuilding Amy’s wardrobe…in a smaller size! Yay Amy!  So proud of you!

Tomorrow I’ll show another set of recommended pieces from other retailers, including some great vacation pieces! Since Amy has a gift certificate to Kohl’s, I wanted to start with their brands so she can have some specific pieces to look for when she goes shopping.

To learn more about any of the items shown above, simply click on the image.

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