Best Long Hairstyles

long hair styles

What is the best way to get your hair to grow faster? The best advice I’ve ever heard is, “Don’t cut it”.

I know, goes against everything you’ve ever heard, right?  But, think about it, by keeping your hair healthy so it will be stronger and need trims less frequently, your hair will grow quicker!

Try these tips to keep your color lasting longer and your hair growing stronger:

  • Use sulfate-free hair products to protect your color so you can go longer between salon visits
  • Reduce the number of days you wash your hair (use dry shampoo when needed)
  • Treat your hair by skipping the heat styling and go with a carefree air-dried look (perfect for summer’s relaxed looks!)
  • Use a deep conditioner or argan oil once a week
  • Apply conditioner to your ends if you plan on swimming in a pool.  It will keep the chemicals from going up your hair shaft.

As your hair grows, you’ll be able to start enjoying some of these beautiful long hairstyles!  I’m waiting for the day I can wear styles like Aisha Tyler‘s sexy side-ponytail and expecting mom Ellen Pompeo‘s messy bun!
Best Long Hairstyles

Got long hair? Then we’ve got 10 celebrity hairstyle inspirations for you

Long hair has its pros and cons. Cons: high-maintenance, like keeping split ends at bay and tangles to a minimum. Pros: Practically limitless style possibilities. If you have long hair, check out these hairstyles. The looks are all quick and easy, so you can update your ‘do in minutes.

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