Get Lips Mistletoe-Ready

Dry weather has officially arrived. Your lips will suffer if you are not diligent with your moisture application! You won’t feel your most fabulous with dry cracked lips and you definitely won’t be mistletoe-ready!

To keep your lips totally kissable, follow these steps:

  1. Drink plenty of water so you hydrate your skin from the inside
  2. Gently exfoliate your lips with a damp towel, soft toothbrush or lip exfoliator after your shower when your lips are soft and dry skin is easlily exfoliated.
  3. Don’t pick. I know it is tempting but hands off!  You’ll just tear the skin and make your lip bleed.
  4. Don’t lick either.  Licking only dries your lips more!
  5. Soothe and soften lips with a great moisturizer that creates a barrier to keep your natural moisture in.  ChapStick offers many yummy flavors (please review step 4).

So, now is the time to stock up and put a ChapStick…

  • next to your bed (always put it on before you sleep)
  • next to your toothbrush (always put it on after you brush your teeth)
  • in your handbag (always have one with you!)
  • in your desk (easy access means you’ll use it)
  • in your car (a quick application at the stop light)
  • in your carry-on (flights are ultra-drying!)

This holiday season, you can enjoy yummy Limited Edition flavors Gingerbread Kiss and Candy Cane (retail Value, $1.01-$1.99 at mass retailers across the nation)!

For gift giving for friends, teachers, co-workers and family, look for keepsake tins filled with ChapStick lip balms!  These Limited Edition tins are available at Target, Walmart and Walgreens (retail value, $4.99-$5.99) Each tin contains a different variety of ChapStick.


The limited edition flavors and tins are available beginning November 1.

For more information visit or connect with them on Facebook.

Love, Tammy


Thank you to Chapstick for providing samples.


Tammy Gibson, A Mom in Red High Heels

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