It’s Leap Year! Who knew time would pass so quickly since the last Leap Year! In that time life has certainly changed and yet, so much as stayed the same! I’m taking a leap in 2012 to go beyond “good enough.”

I just read this in A Place of Yes by Bethenny Frankel and I’m inspired:

“But your life can be better than “just good enough.” It can be amazing. You can be more successful, more fulfilled, healthier, and happier than you are right now.”

I am ready for that. Are you? I get frustrated with myself when I question my desire to have more than I have. Really, I’m so very blessed. Great family, my husband has a job, we have a home, we are generally healthy, we have cute pups, I have the ability to stay home with my kids and homeschool as that’s what they need right now and we have food on the table every night. I have had amazing opportunities with A Mom in Red High Heels and have enjoyed some success with it. But, I want more. I want more than “good enough.”

I want that for you too!

To take my life to the next level, I hired a business coach! I’m excited to have someone help me organize, strengthen the A Mom in Red High Heels brand and come up with new features to share with you, the readers. While I feel nervous (ok, scared) about the financial and time commitment this year will bring, I’m also very excited to get started and take this business to the next level! While I wonder where the time will come from (hello, homeschool takes a HUGE chunk of my day! Lets not forget I have to maintain a healthy marriage, family relationships and friendships…not to mention get some sleep!), I am certain that I will learn, improve and surprise myself with what I’m capable of! I am taking a leap of faith that I pray will bring my family to a better place!

I hope with the changes I make around here this year, I inspire you to go BIGGER and take a leap in your life too! Need some inspiration? Visit and see what others are putting on their Leap List. While you are there, create your own Leap List and enter the Honda CR-V Leap Year Contest! Make your list and get busy checking off!

Before I get started on this new project, and all the hard work and time it will require, I need to have some crazy fun. You know, work hard, play hard! Here is my personal Leap List:

Play hard, work hard! Once I get the business to what I can envision it can be, I’ll be traveling and meeting women all over the world, inspiring them to make themselves a daily priority, own red high heels and feel confident and stylish! All the while, my husband and kids will come along on the travels and we can do “real world school” by incorporating what we see and do along the way. Maybe Honda CR-V will take us on location?! Perfection!

Your turn! Please share with me what your BIG LEAP is this year! What do you want to do before taking that leap? Comment below to inspire us all!

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TAMMY GIBSON, founder of A Mom in Red High Heels, is a God-loving, coffee-drinking, heel-wearing, wife and mom offering up her best tips to help women look and feel fabulous so they can achieve their biggest dreams.


  1. Donna Kniss

    I’m so proud of you Tammy!! I love your top 10 list of things you want to do. I may “borrow” a few of them!!
    This is the year that I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, and pushing my career to the next level as well. But of course finding the balance of family, hubby and career, is always a challenge!!
    Looking forward to watching you reach your goals and dreams!!

  2. Tammy,

    I LOVE this idea. Over the weekend I was thinking about how my LEAP is to find better balance in my life. I tend to be like a pendulum. I swing into one facet of my life and do it with LOTS of passion and intensity – while slacking in other areas. I want to try and pull back the reins and find some balance to get to a happier place near the middle where I’m taking better care of myself mentally, physically, socially, creatively, spiritually and occupationally. I know by doing this I can find a more holistic happiness.

    Inspired by your post – and looking forward to following along on your journey!


  3. Michele Downard

    I think my biggest leap this year will be leaving my son to go back to work. 🙁 It’s going to be a big leap for me.

  4. I have a few big leaps. One is adding another baby to our life in September! We’ve been a one-child home for a while so this will be a big change =) I’m also focusing more on my business and selling at some craft fairs! A second car is on my Leap Wishlist, ha ha.

    I can’t wait to hear about all your leaps Tammy, and you look great in that photo! I’ve been to the Grand Canyon, but not in a helicopter =)

  5. I think this is an amazing ideas Tammy! I definitely think everyone needs to create a leap list every year!

    Leap List:
    1) Enjoy life (not be worried about finances) and live for today as if it were my last.
    2) Finish my pre-reqs this year (accelerated classes) so I can start the PA program in 2013.
    3) Work on my physical fitness on a daily basis. Including weight gainer daily. 😉
    4) To work at a soup kitchen and give back to the less fortunate.
    5) Sky dive preferably out of the state of California.
    6) Inhance my business so I can get my own YouTube contract and beging performing magic on a professional level. Hoping to meet my hero David Copperfield. How cool would that be??? For the time being continue my hobby and make people and especially children smile.
    7) Head to Catalina for the first time and go scuba diving.
    8) Go on a vacation to the river so I can learn to wake board and do a 180 flip.
    9) Mission trip out of the state as a church event.
    10) Head to Chicago and eat at a true pizzeria.

  6. OMG – LOVE it! I am also making some BIG moves over on Savvy Sassy Moms this year! “No Risk, No Reward” sista! Best of luck and I may want to join you on that Mud Run – so fun!

  7. Fabulous Tammy. I am very proud of you and look forward to encouraging you in all your “leaps”. Your post has definitely inspired me to think about what I would like to do. I get so busy in the moment of “being” that I forget to think of things I’d really enjoy doing.

    I am confident you’ll reach all your goals.

  8. Jo Isley

    Starting my own photography studio has been my big leap of the year! So excited to get to jumping!

  9. jill brush

    I love your leap list! I think my leap list will be a mile long this year,
    Because I’m going through so many changes health wise, and hope to be closer
    To my goal weight by 2013. That means going out of my comfort zone and
    Trying new things, buying new stylish clothes, exercising more, finding things
    That make me happy. I’m excited what this year has in store for me! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I have several leaps in front of me. I’m with you Tammy, I am abundantly blessed and if all things remain the same I would be content. BUT that does not mean we should just be complacent! We were built to dream BIG and accomplish BIG and GREAT things! My passion is to inspire, motivate, encourage and inspire other women to believe in themselves and to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

    I have been abundantly blessed with an invitation to speak at this years Fitness business Summit to do just that! I pray I am able to touch the lives of other women through my story and what I’ve learned along the way. My leap is to seek out more opportunities to encourage woman.

    I also want to grow my fitness business, local bootcamp and my remote master fit coaching program to reach more women and influence health and confidence in their lives.

    My leap for my family is to become even more serving to their needs.

    My personal leap is to compete in July for my procard in IFBB figure (huge leap!!)

    Not a leap but a work in progress that I can not leave out is growth in my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And that I become more like Him every day. No judgement on where others stand just simply loving and living in His name.

  11. So inspiring Tammy! Quite the year you intend to have! I’m actually looking to tone it down this year and really focus my energy on my family and homelife. I see a year full of family and friends in our new home making great memories!

  12. My biggest leap this year will be to finish out my last year of nursing school successfully while enjoying it as much as possible! I graduate and become an RN this December!

  13. Whoa! You are an amazing (and inspiring) writer! I think my biggest leap this year will be to run a 10K! I’ve did it about 10 years ago, and want to do it again! Better get myself movin’! 🙂

  14. Whoa! You are an amazing (and inspiring) writer! I think my biggest leap this year will be to run a 10K! I did it about 10 years ago, and want to do it again! Better get myself movin’! 🙂

  15. Michelle Tomlin

    Thanks for the inspiration Tammy! I made a pretty big leap last year by moving my family to the east coast. This year I hope to excel professionally as well as spend as much time as possible with my family growing and having fun! Here’s to a great 2012!!!

  16. Michelle Tomlin » Awesome goals Michelle and I KNOW you can totally accomplish them! 🙂

  17. Krista » Thanks Krista! You have the experience of a 10K…THAT will take you far! You can do it and please report back with your results! 🙂

  18. lisa @StudioJewel » You and I need to work together for sure! Let’s brainstorm!! (No watching…just DOING) xo

  19. Lesley » So proud of you Lesley! That is a HUGE accomplishment! Can’t wait to be there and watch it unfold! 🙂

  20. Tammy, you are so spot-on! This year I’m celebrating not only this leap year, but the release of my book on goal achievement that introduces the LEAP System. Once take your first pass through the LEAP System, you’ll want to LEAP again! It’s so exhilarating to know that each day you are getting closer and closer to your dreams.
    Make every year a LEAP year!

  21. Heather » You are so great at doing that already Heather!! I look forward to being a part of the memories!

  22. Jordana Lorraine, Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatment Specialist » You got it…red carpet all the way! I may not get the full list checked off but it’s good to have some FUN goals as well as the work goals, right??

  23. rebecca tabbert » I am confident you will reach your goals. You already are an inspiration and motivator…a cheerleader to all who know you! I can’t wait to see you how the year unfolds for you!

  24. jill brush » I’m excited for you Jill! It sounds like you are going to have a FABULOUS year! Going out of your comfort zone CAN be scary but so worth it in the long run! Keep me posted on your progress, I’d love to hear!

  25. Jo Isley » That sounds so exciting! Is the studio in your home? Are you doing photo shoots for others or for your personal use?

  26. The IE Mommy – Christine » I hear you Christine! The daily grind can be so overwhelming! Make your Leap List then share it with me 🙂 Maybe we can do some together?? 🙂 xo

  27. Andrea Fellman » YES, join me on the Mud Run! You are already in shape (I have a ways to go) but how crazy fun would that be?? Well…at least the pictures would be fun 🙂 Can’t wait to see what’s brewing at SSM! Let’s do some work together, I think we could compliment each other nicely! Thanks for commenting! xo

  28. Brian Bedell » A great list Brian! I too need to work on #1…living in the moment. It’s so easy to get distracted, thinking about past or future. And just note about #5, SO FUN! NOT in Hemet would be preferred since there have been so many accidents there lately! Crazy that I jumped from there and glad they had a better jump rate back then LOL.

  29. Lizzy Eichelberger » Congratulations! It will be a wonderful, inspiring change for you! I’m happy to hear you are stepping up your business goals too! Nothing wrong with creating and being a mama!!

  30. Michele Downard » Yes, you have a BIG change ahead of you! However, you never know how God is going to play his cards…be open and you may end up pleasantly surprised 🙂

  31. Amy » Oh, I hear you on that! It IS a daily challenge to keep life balanced. I actually don’t believe in the concept of balance to be honest. It’s all about priorities 🙂 YOU are a priority so make it so by taking time daily for your workout and self-care. You are an amazing inspiration and adored by many…ask for help if you need it and be joyful in the moment 🙂 xo

  32. Donna Kniss » Donna! Let’s do some together! No need to borrow, I’ll share 🙂 Mud run, perhaps?? I’m excited to see where your career goes this year and I hope I get to collaborate with you on a few projects! xo

  33. Everything sounds Fantastic, except for the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon

  34. Blessing @ Working Mom Journal » Ok, then we’ll have to do an east coast thing and charter it with both families…Or you can come to CA and we can get the rest of the CA girls/families to join us 🙂

  35. My goal for 2012 is to figure out how to pursue my dreams while being a wife and mom. I didn’t grow up with that as something I thought I could do as my parents always encouraged me to just be a mom. Nothing wrong with that- Its just over the past year I have finally gained the courage to step out and know that it’s okay to do both. So- pursuing what I love and really finding the confidence I guess to put myself out there and not be afraid.

  36. Tammy, what a great and exciting year you are going to have! Make sure you take lots of pics and ‘share’ them. Heehee. 😉
    We plan to continue early ‘spring cleaning’ so we can have a house full of friends every weekend. We would love to have folk over, but there is so much to do (errands, classes, to-do-lists). I would love to host things again…have a place where families can ‘hang out’. I pray you get to do all on your list. God bless!

  37. Rebecca Bertrand

    I want to make several leaps this year. At the top of my list……Going on a missions trip (Mexico) with our church. I’d love to go, but FEAR keeps me at home and prevents me from doing what I should be doing. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time!

  38. @Rebecca International travel is scary, especially when you have kids! Too many questions and potential “threats” but this is when you step up to your faith in God, make all the necessary arrangements you can make/plan then go and do your heart’s work 🙂 Praying for your decision on this!

  39. Indy- Hosting was never my thing but it’s something I need to step into and do more of. I need to start remembering people who come over want to come for the company and not the great decor(NOT in my house), spotless home (again, not!) or great food (though if my husband cooks, we are ok in that area!) 🙂

    Take a LEAP and put something on the calendar! 🙂 Then, have fun!!

  40. You are a mom full of energy! Sounds like you will be busy and having fun except I am with Larry about that helicopter ride. :Z I took my first LEAP, I am hosting a reunion of friends from 30 years ago. 🙂

  41. LR » Yes, This is my second school year with both my kids home! It’s been an adventure. Wish CA didn’t focus so much on that STAR test though! (We work with a charter school and so we still have all the testing.) Other than that, it works for us 🙂 Do you plan to homeschool your two adorable daughters?

  42. Penny » It’s important to have fun too, right? While most of that LEAP list won’t be done by the end of this year, I’ll keep if for future adventures! Would you rather go in a hot air balloon instead of the helicopter? That could be fun too!

  43. Kendra » You ARE pursuing what you love with your blog! And you ARE putting yourself out there! Be proud of your action even if you are still taking baby steps! Congrats on pursuing your dreams!

  44. Tammy, you are such an inspiration and how exciting is your Leap List!! I feel like I have so many ambitious goals, but need to hone them and put them on paper to remind myself to take that first step and to not give up on pursuing them even though others might not “get it”. xo

  45. Thanks Tammy : ) baby steps indeed. It’s a marathon not a race and I find you to be such an inspiration!