I am heading in for a hair cut and color tomorrow. Thanks to my wonderful stylist who graciously rescheduled me after I double booked. Trust me, the holiday season is not a good time to be messing with hair appointments! If you have one, don’t miss it. If you don’t, I’m sorry to say, you may be too late to get an opening before Christmas!

So, my dilemma….

Do I cut layers or not?

For a year now I’ve had my stylists “dust my ends” at every appointment. I was growing out my layers and am finally starting to feel like I have length again! Hurray! But without the shorter layers and with the added length, I have droopy hair. I do all the tricks like blowdry with my head upside down, brush against my part, use volumizing products and more! The volume lasts all of three minutes.

I fear layers (as noted by the fact that I currently have very long layers- I won’t let my stylist cut them shorter!) but I crave sexy volume. Yes, I have an inner “big hair girl” hiding inside.

My hair now:

My goal hair length:

photo: Neil George blog

Layers I love but I don’t want blunt bangs and my hair is not this long:

Or should I let it just keep growing without adding more layers?

I love to style my hair wavy but I usually wear it straight because it’s quicker.

In the end, I’ll trust my stylist to give me a modern cut, without taking length. She knows I have a busy life and not a lot of time to style.

I’d love to know what you think about this topic! Do you have layers? Do you love them? Do you think a cut is more versatile with or without layers?

Girlfriend to girlfriend, should I cut the layers?

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  1. @Jordana Which is where I am at. I actually do have some long layers and a slight aline angle. It’s not enough to bring any texture or life to my style. Thanks for your input!!