“I wanted to go shorter, but I don’t have the courage to go as short as I want – so this is like a happy medium. I can still throw it in a pony tail.” Jessica Alba

I feel you Jessica.  I chickened out on the shorter textured bob you all voted on last week.  Actually, it was a tie between the hippie chic bangs and the textured bob at the time I went to the salon so I went with the bangs and kept the length.  Shoot, already thinking I should have picked the other style. (Poor Jordana having to receive my text messages filled with hair doubt)

The same week I was making my cut decision, a Facebook friend was taking a poll regarding her hair color.  What would she have done if majority had voted brunette instead of blond like she was hoping?  I bet she would have gone back to blond anyway!

Have you ever done that?  Had your mind made up but then ditched it at the last second?  Tell me about your hair decisions! Are they easy for you to make?  Do you ask a ton of opinions?

As my bangs grow slightly, I’m liking them more but they need to be “doctored” a bit.  I think they need to be thicker and not tapered on the sides.  Maybe I’ll just hold out and not make any hasty decisions (ALMOST took the scissors to them myself the other night! Glad I didn’t). I just hate when the vision in my head turns out so differently in reality. Do you ever feel that way?

In a horse carriage in Central Park, NYC

I was speaking with representatives from the hair and grooming tools brand, Remington, about a woman’s quest for the “perfect hairstyle” and they shared a great analogy: ” One will never be able to build a dream home, as dreams change with your life changes.” The same is true for your hairstyle.  You’ll never find a “signature style” that fits for your entire life.  You need to change it up with changes in your life.  Be forgiving of yourself, relax about your hairstyle decisions and be thankful you have hair, if you indeed do!  I will try to live by this advice too!

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