Kim Karashian bleach-blonde, October 2013
Kim Karashian bleach-blonde, October 2013

Kim Kardashian is officially blonder than Blake Lively, Kate Hudson, or even an Olsen twin.  I guess she’s aiming for a Cameron Diaz or Gwyneth Paltrow color(?)  But man, talk about some dark roots coming around when it grows out.

A few weeks ago, I wrote up a post detailing Kim’s transition from brunette beauty to blonde…bomb.  Not bombshell, mind you, just a bomb, I’m afraid.  I picked it apart, and not gently, either.  I’m sorry!  I’m a hairdresser!  It wasn’t flattering, and it wasn’t done well.

Kim Kardashian ombre blonde hair 2013
Kim Kardashian ombre blonde hair 2013

Apparently she didn’t love it either, because she has had another major bleach session just a few weeks later.  She has scrapped the ombre and gone full steam ahead into serious bleach highlight territory.

While Huffington Post Live correspondent Ricky Camilleri called her hair “yellow”, and I don’t completely disagree, I actually do think it looks better-done than before.  This makes me wonder if she went to a different stylist.  Whether or not you think this is good color for her, at least she doesn’t have hot roots and noticeable extensions this time around (see above).  And, it looks smoother and healthier.  Brava!

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What do you think?  Which color do you like best on Kim?

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  1. Sorry…she was born a brunette and her color tone just doesn’t work with blonde. The blonde color washes her out and makes her look very drab…some how I don’t think that’s the looks she was looking for.