We recently heard from Carly, a Mom of 2 and author who is distraught after a few years and a few different treatments:

“My dilemma is my BIG HAIR.  Two years ago, or so, I found the BKT and it changed my life.  I eventually settled into Brazilian Blowout.  Two problems – (aside from the formaldehyde) – I prefer my hair with some body especially on top; and after over a year- going on two- of treatment every 11- 12 weeks, my hair was TOO FLAT and straight.  Killed my bangs, I hated it.  I’m now Keratin free – last treatment was probably late October/early November.  I miss my softer sleeker hair.  I never had a bad hair day with the Brazilian or BKT.  But once it got too flat, it was awful.  My hairstlist, who does the treatments, suggested trying to do the treatment without using the flat iron but then it probably won’t last as long.  Do you have any suggestions?

Is there an in between? I’m dying to do SOMETHING again …”


The answer is YES! There are in-betweens both in product choice, and in technique.  Brazilian Keratin Treatment (BKT) is definitely straighter and more aggressive, so it sounds like you made the right choice by going with Brazilian Blowout.  Since you hate your hair flat, I’m sure you also appreciate the convenience of not having to keep it flat-ironed straight for 4 days!  Leaving with your final result, styled, as you wish, and not having to wait to wash your hair, are some of my clients’ favorite things about Brazilian Blowout!

I tend to agree with you, that blowdrying the product in without ironing it would do very little–like a nice conditioning treatment, but not anything like a Brazilian Blowout.  She could, however, iron it fewer times or at a lower temperature.  There are also blowdrying and ironing techniques taught in the classes to retain more body in the hair.  If your stylist is not familiar with these techniques, she could look for a local class or roadshow (larger class) date in your area, to learn more and ask about this situation.

A few options on your end would be to do the treatment less often, and/or do the bangs only every other time.

The Brazilian Blowout acai aftercare products, while ideal for prolonging the results because they contain many of the smoothing ingredients of the treatment, are also very moisturizing.  This can make hair feel flatter, so try these tips: mix a sulfate and sodium chloride-free volumizing shampoo together with your BB shampoo, and use small amounts of the Brazilian Blowout acai aftercare conditioner but skip the deep conditioning masque unless it’s for an occasional deep treatment.  If using the serum, be careful to apply it only to the ends, which can be tough with short hair.

Brazilian Blowout also has two new styling products I think you should try!  Straightening Balm, to smooth much like the the serum but with a little bit of hold–this is great for styling, because that hold factor helps keep hair bouncy.  Root Lifter Spray is designed to do just that; you spray it on the roots of your hair just before styling, and it helps maintain the volume you work in with a round brush, or just by blowdrying with your hair upside down.

But there is one answer that could help resolve all of your concerns: new Brazilian Blowout Zero!   The website proudly displays test results for both the product and the air while it is being performed, both showing ZERO formaldehyde.  The process is the same, so there’s still no downtime, but some clients have reported seeing a little more body left in the hair as compared to the original treatment solution. Long story short, I would recommend you ask your stylist if she has or can order the Brazilian Blowout Zero, and discuss process modifications to promote more body in the outcome.  Ask if she has the straightening balm and/or root lifter, and if not, request that she order some for you.  They are awesome!  Good luck and please do report back!

Contributed by:
Jordana Lorraine, Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatment Specialist

Los Angeles, CA (Marina Del Rey)
310-922-2645/ jordanalorraine@gmail.com
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  1. Wow amazing post and so helpful!!! Thank you. When I emailed I never expected this and thanks! A few follow ups?
    1. highlight/color or Zero – which do I have done first? (I’m desperately due for both!)
    2. how long between the color and the Zero or can I do them within days of each other?
    3. can you recommend a good sulfate shampoo to mix in with the (I don’t use Brazilian Acai shampoo for the reasons you said, I use Marcia Texeira shampoo and conditioner).

    Again, thank you thank you thank you!

  2. Oh! If I’m dying to do the keratin first, assuming you’re going to say color first, wait two weeks <g., is it OK to do it in reverse?

  3. What I do with my clients that would like more volume on the top, I do not do the Brazilian Blowout down to the root, I leave them a couple of inches to help keep some volume and my clients have been happy with the results. I would also do the color first.


    My beautiful full bodied wavy and curly hair (yes, frizz also, but the frizz was better than what i got now)) is totally flat and straight. Ive tried a curling iron, setting wet on rollers, air drying, round brush, diffuser, root lift, gel. Nothing helps. Within a half hour it falls flat and just hangs. people are shocked and try to pretend they don’t notice, and finally ask, “what the heck did you do to your hair?”

    I NEED to know how to work with this disaster until it wears off.

    Any particular products I should use?

    Any particular way I should style/dry it?

    Can I perm it?

    HELP! I’m so self conscious I don’t want to leave the house. i canceled a big date, and can’t reschedule. I didn’t wanta scare my new guy off. How can I manage this LIFELESS MESS????

  5. Jeannette

    I just had this treatment and my hair is soooo flat . Do you just keep washing it until it comes out? Help

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  7. Marietjie

    Hi there

    I also have the same issue ,my hair is toooo flat I do not get any body back in there