How to Do the Katniss Braid on Yourself–The Hunger Games

How to create the Katniss braid on yourself–The Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) has a super-cool braided hairstyle that girls and women everywhere are asking about. In this video for, I will show you not only how to do it, but how to do it on yourself!  Since my hair isn’t quite right for it (it’s best for long, thick hair), I talked my model through doing it on herself while eHow’s talented videographer captured the details.

How to Do the Katniss Braid on Yourself —powered by


*If your hair is straight, use a curling iron to add some waves to the root area, to give it the messy look that Katniss wears (or maybe it starts out smooth, before she spend all day running through the woods?)

*Choose a side part, either by using your hair’s natural part, or based on your coordination (it may be easier to braid around one side of the head than the other).  If you have trouble doing it one way, try switching sides

*Start a loose inverted French braid (also called a Dutch braid) at the top of the side with more hair, and move diagonally down and around the back of the head, ending over the opposite shoulder

*Once finished, loosen the braid by tugging gently on the outer loops of the braid.  It should be loose, chunky, and uneven

*Pull a few short pieces out around the face and twist or curl

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