Kate Somerville, A Piece of Heaven

Do your kids ever ask you what Heaven will be like? Do you explain that it will be the most beautiful place you can imagine? Streets paved in gold and all that? I’ve found a little piece of Heaven right in the midst of crazy L.A. You wouldn’t believe that high speed chases, celebrity sightings and rush hour traffic are happening right outside the doors of the Kate Somerville’s Skin Health Experts Clinic on Melrose Place in L.A!

The clinic is so far from “clinical” that I hesitate to use the word. Instead, words like plush, elegant, and sophisticated enter my mind. However, a clinic is what it is. It is a place where Kate has successfully merged two traditionally different skincare methods into one. She has taken the top medical treatments and married them to the top esthetic treatments to offer clients the very best in skin care.

In addition to the fabulous selection of skin care treatments, the facility is absolutely beautiful. I have to say it again…the Clinic is GORGEOUS. This is why I say it is a little piece of Heaven. From the numerous crystal chandeliers to the plush carpet to the classy wall paper, the place just seeps style! Every Total Beauty Blogger in attendance was drooling and scheming as to how to convince her husband to go for a home makeover “a la Kate Somerville style”! Pictures will do it no justice but here’s a glimpse at what you can expect:

Laurie from Beauty\'s Spot at Kate Somerville

Here is Laurie from Beauty’s Spot enjoying the waiting room at Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts.

*Note: the images online are not of the current remodeling. The photographer was there the same day as our visit getting new image. Watch for them!

Now, I know this blog is not about decorating but it is about beauty and I’ve never seen a more beautiful place to be treated or pampered! So, on to beauty…

I have not used the products yet and promise a full report once they are sampled! I can tell you that there are plans for new Pregnancy Facial and Treatment services! Those will be available once the White Room is completed ( THE most beautiful treatment room…EVER). Women who are expecting can expect a custom treatment that will make her face glow like pregnancy can not! All the products used will be completely safe for little junior nestled in your tummy. Treatments are continued until nursing is done. Tell your hubby that you want a “Pushing Gift” from Kate Somerville!

One other feature I want to mention is that the salon offers a type of club membership. You sign-up to receive monthly treatments based on your needs. Being a member affords you a hefty discount! Each month, the charge will be made to your credit card whether you show up or not. It’s a way to motivate you to remember to come in for your skin care needs. I think it’s brilliant and I’d much prefer that type of membership than one to the gym! (There is not a monthly fee, just the discounted cost of the treatment you sign- up to do!)

If ever in L.A., I highly recommend you pay a visit to the lovely Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts! Your skin will be SO happy!

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