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Many of you may be wondering why I have so heavily been promoting Ali Brown’s THRIVE video series and Livecast over the past 2 weeks.  It’s simple.  Many of my readers are moms running small businesses from their homes and THRIVE is an amazing opportunity to step up in your business and really make a difference in the lives of your family and clients.  Whether you are a blogger wanting to make some extra income to help support your family (this is the number one reason stay at home moms start small businesses!), a crafter who wants to share her art with others, or a service based business woman who wants to help others in a specific way, you can grow your business while caring for your family!

How do I know?

I’m doing it.  I am.  I am wife, mom, business owner and I am making a difference.  I am creating additional income for my family, I am teaching my kids about entrepreneurial skills, I am helping other women grow in their confidence so they can be their best self.

But, I’m not doing it alone.  Oh no!  I learned that having a coach is the best way to grow.  Having someone support you and guide you because they’ve already done it and know the system that works.  Even if you are not specifically looking to increase your income by leaps and bounds, you will learn so much from THRIVE in how to structure your business so you can use your time efficiently and spend less time on your business and more on your family.  I don’t want you to struggle through the process. I’ve done that, it’s not fun!

However, TODAY is the LAST day to take part in THRIVE.  At midnight, the offer comes down.  And, let me tell you, the offer is amazing.  It includes a year of coaching via weekly training videos, coaching calls, private support groups, written bonus material and the best part of all…a LIVE event in spring 2013.  I’ll be there, I hope we can meet up!  Even if you are not looking for a coaching program, join the live cast and get access to the 4 videos Ali did last week.  They are full of information and they are FREE! Ali really knows her stuff and has a track record to prove it!

DAY 2 takes place TODAY, *September 14*, 2012–and if you’re a business owner, you don’t want to miss this event!

Get all the details and register free here: http://ow.ly/dIrpd

On this LiveCast, Ali and her guest experts and colleagues will deliver some impactful training that will help you map out *how to get to YOUR next level of success*. (I’m a member of Ali’s Elevate online business training program, and have seen Ali in action first-hand. Trust me, the techniques and strategies she teaches can transform the way you work!)

Here’s an overview of Ali’s Thrive LiveCast – Day 2:
(Because this event is LIVE–anything can happen, so please tune in on the earlier side to be safe!)

Welcome, entrepreneur training, and real-life case studies with Ali Brown and Elevate Head Coach James Roche

You’ll meet women in early stages of their business who have made HUGE strides, including a West Coast personal trainer who—after 20 years of working with clients 1:1—moved her business online to work LESS and make more, an ex-corporate gal from Washington, D.C. who DOUBLED her revenues and enjoyed her first 5-figure MONTH all within a few months’ time. And, you’ll also meet an ambitious 29-year-old from South Carolina who’s taken her income from zero to over $75,000 within a few short years, and a mom-to-be from Topanga, Calif. who’s doubled her clients… and also figured out how to easily charge twice what she did before. It all adds up to QUADRUPLE revenues for herself and her new family!

Your questions answered LIVE—PLUS iPAD & Success Store Giveaways
Throughout the day, Ali and her guests will be answering YOUR QUESTIONS as they come in. And, she also has some great prizes in store for all who tune in, including a brand new iPAD and $100 gift certificates to use in my Success Store.

Special guest expert interview with Ali Brown and “Queen of Sales Conversion” Lisa Sasevich (this is the segment I am most excited to watch!)

Lisa is an expert at helping women sell without being “salesy”—and you’ll hear how she discovered her niche, after working for years in the “old boys” system. She’ll show you how connecting with your audience from a place of authenticity—can actually lead to more success, more loyal customers, more referrals, and more sales.

Lisa says, “It’s sad, but both of us (Ali and Lisa) have noticed over and over again that MOST women can’t seem to get their businesses off the ground to earn a full-time income. And, for the ones who make it, their revenues stall at around $250K, if they’re lucky enough to get that far. To top it off, 98% of women-owned businesses never reach 7-figures or more.”

Thrive Powered by Elevate Walk-Through
You’ll also get a chance to hear about Thrive Powered by Elevate—Ali’s year-long online business training program that is designed to help you grow your business in as little as 30-minutes a day. Ali will give you a detailed walk-through of the program, so you can see if the program is a good fit for you. (I personally love it!)

*Time-Sensitive*: Until FRIDAY, September 14, 2012 at midnight , Ali is inviting YOU to join Thrive and enjoy over $3,000 worth of success-building bonuses. This special offer will disappear after midnight, so if you’re curious, you definitely want to tune in.

Please note: This LiveCast is NOT going to be replayed. It’s LIVE… and ONLY live. So tune in as much as you can.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this! All you need is your computer and an Internet connection to see Ali’s LIVE show.

Save your free spot for the LiveCast here now: http://ow.ly/dIrpd

P.S. When you register for this free LiveCast, you’re also going to get access to Ali’s new Thrive Video series. If you haven’t seen it already, it’s causing quite a stir!

Over 15,000 women have watched this series just the past week alone! But these videos won’t be available after midnight THIS Friday, September 14, so hurry! To get instant access to the videos and reserve your spot for the LiveCast, sign up here now: http://ow.ly/dIrpd

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  1. Love Ali and have coached with her. Glad to see you are spreading the message to help other women.

  2. @Aisha Ali has such a heart for helping women, doesn’t she? Love her message and clear, concise formula. Congrats to you for having worked with her 🙂 I’d love to hear more about that if you want to email to share!